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Microsoft Windows is the group of operating system families that is developed by Microsoft company based in America. Microsoft, when introduced, was launched for personal and desktop computers but now it dominates almost all the personal computers and laptops. Microsoft also introduced smart phones which had windows as the operating user interface. It has many versions that keep on updating. The frequent updates are done so that with the advancement of technology it services are also improved. The latest version of windows is windows 10. With the frequent updates in windows operating system, we sometimes do not get to know about the latest version. Hence we will discuss how to keep my windows operating system up-to-date in the following article.

How to keep my windows Os Up-to-date?

Installing the latest will ensure that your computer is free from viruses and also will let you know the new security features.

You can follow the steps below to update windows:

Step1: Press the Windows key and “C” to get the options of settings towards the right of the screen.

Step2: Now select the option of “Settings” from this menu and proceed further.

Step3: The list of settings will appear. Click on “Change PC Settings” so that you will land on the pc settings tab.

Step4: Click on “ update and recovery” and check whether any updates are available or not.

Step5: By clicking on “Check For Updates” the new updates will be available. Click on “Install” to update the windows. After the update is done you can restart your system after the update is done.

You can also apply for automatic updates of the window from “Updates and Recovery” section in the settings window.  It has been seen that with the introduction of new anniversary windows update, the computer is encountered with the freezing screen view. You need to boot your system into safe mode to avoid the freezing issue. This can be seen in the settings option of the control panel. By booting your system into safe mode you will no longer face the issue of why my windows OS has a freezing screen view, And get online help just dial windows technical support number.

How to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version?

If you don't want to  clean install your window then you can upgrade your window. You need to keep your application upgrading to keep your applications, files and folders in place. Upgrading is much easier and faster than installing a new software. If you want to upgrade your window to 10 version then you need an activated copy of window, Windows 10 update tool. Here we are using window 10 update Assistant tool.

To upgrade your window you need to go through below mentioned steps:

Step1: Login into Window 10 with an administrator account and go to the Microsoft Software download site.

Step2: To download the Windows 10 Update assistant tool click on update now button.

Step3: Save this file to your desktop and run it then If prompted by user account control then click on Yes tab.

Step4: If you find a newer version of window 10 available then click on the update now button.

Step5: Windows 10 update assistant tool will check the compatibility of your device with newer version.

Step6: Click on the next tab if your computer is compatible.

Step7: Now the tool will start downloading, verifying and updating to the latest version of windows.

Step8: After this click on the restart button when your update is ready.

Step9: To complete the update process your device will restart.

Step10: Once the update has finished if your account is displayed click on next tab and turn on or off privacy settings then click on Accept.

Step11: After setup has finished click on exit tab.

After follow these steps your issue is easily resolved, If not or facing problem then direct cunsult of Windows customer service team who will short-out your problem. And they provide support through phone, email, online chat, live support and many more. The technicians are very dedicated and always ready to provide you a reliable support. You may contact to this Windows technical support team team to get the solution for all the Window related issues.

Get Immediate help through Microsoft Windows support Phone Number team

Some common issues which are resolved by Microsoft technician are as follows:

  • Can't upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Can't upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version
  • Have a lot less free storage than before
  • Windows Update isn't working
  • Turn off forced updates
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
  • Fix privacy and data defaults
  • Where's Safe Mode when you need it?
  • Enable System Restore
  • Bad localisation, Cortana 'not available
  • Fix slow boot times
  • The lock screen gets in the way
  • I can't play a DVD
  • Stop Windows 10 using 4G data
  • Save a web page as a HTML file in Microsoft Edge
  • Turn on Pop-Up Blocker in Edge
  • Files opening with the wrong default apps

How to avoid automatic restart on My Pc?

When you see that your system is restarting and you are not aware of the issue that is causing the computer to restart, it is definitely not easy to fix the issue as you are not aware of the cause. But there are two main reasons that cause your pc to restart automatically. One of the reason can be windows restart after completion of windows update and another can be for no apparent or unknown reason.

However, below are the steps that will tell you how to avoid automatic restart on my windows PC:

Step1: Disable the “Automatic Restart” from the advanced settings panel of the computer. Doing this computer will not restart automatically instead will display the errors occur.

Step2: Check for hardware problems. Sometimes the failed hardware can also lead to the restart of the computer.

Step3: You can also avoid this by trying to restore the system settings.

If you are facing any other issues related with your Microsoft windows then you can feel free to contact Windows technical support for help. The customer service is available 24/7 at your service. The experts are always ready to help you at any time of the day.