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We all use internet for doing a host range of activity like emailing, social networking, searching for information and host range of other activity. It has help to do a host range of activity as well lead us to the complete digitalization. One of the crucial activity which has seen a tremendous rise over the course of time is Blogging. Blogging is one of the most popular activity which has created the storm on the Internet.Millions of blogger read, share and update their views on the Internet. There are numerous number of blogging sites in the world which we use on the daily basis. One such blogging sites which is getting popular these days is WordPress. WordPress customer service phone number will make sure that all your concerns and queries regarding wordpress are resolved quickly.

Any blogger who do blogging or a user who find interesting in reading blogs must be aware about the Wordpress. WordPress is one of the leading and the world most popular blogging website in the world. Within a course of such a small time, it has grown into a large blogging website with more than 300 million user are registered on the website. It’s just a testimony of the fact that how much user love the blogging sites that’s due to the features provided by this website. Apart from providing various themes, it also provides integration with various social media platform to promote one’s content as well as various type of plugin to make your blog more attractive to user. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, there are certain issue which is quite common while working on wordpress. User can take the assistance from the wordpress support team.

How to Create a Wordpress Website?

Wordpress is becoming one of the best platforms to create websites and blogs. If you are thinking to create a new website on Wordpress, then you need to apply the proper steps required for website creation.

If you are a beginner, then you can go through the below steps:

Step1: First of all, go to the Bluehost website with the help of your web browser and then click on Get Started Now tab.

Step2: Now it will redirect you to the pricing page where you need to choose best-suited plans as per your budget. For this, click on the plan to choose and then proceed to next step.

Step3: Now you will asked to choose a new domain on next screen and then choose a domain name with .com, click on Next.

Step4: Enter your name, address and email address into given field and then you will need to add your payment details to complete the purchase.

Step5: Now you will receive an email with login instructions to your cPanel.

Step6: Now open your cPanel and then you will see lots of icons where you need to click on Wordpress.

Step7: After that, Bluehost Marketplace Quick Install screen will appear and then click on Get Started tab.

Step8: Now choose the domain where you want to install Wordpress and then select your domain name from the drop-down menu.

Step9: Now click on Next and then enter your website name, admin username and password into given field.

Step10: Check all the boxes and then click on Install tab.

Step11: Now Wordpress will begin to install and after that, you can see Installation Complete message.

Step12: After that, you can easily login to your Wordpress account t and access your website as per your requirements.

I hope so after follow these steps your wordpress account easily created if still facing issue regarding any technical issue than contact Wordpress toll free number.

How to Change Wordpress Password?

Do you want to change your Wordpress password due to any security concern? Then it’s really a good thing. If you are new to Wordpress or doing it the first time, then you can change the password of your Wordpress with the help of below steps:

Step1: First of all, go to the official Wordpress website and then log in to your Wordpress account.

Step2: Click on the Users icon available at left side.

Step3: Now click on the Your Profile tab.

Step4: Now scroll down until you don’t find New Password option and then enter a new password for your Wordpress account and then re-enter it to confirm.

Step5: After that, click on the Update Profile tab to finish the procedure of password changing.

I sure your wordpress account password easily reset if not or facing issue than dial wordpress password reset number.

How to reset Wordpress Password?

One of the most common wordpress issue face by the user is resetting of the wordpress password :

This is own of the most common issue face by the wordpress user, In order to reset the wordpress password. User has to first of all, go to the wordpress website and then click on the login button. Afterwards user need to type the username and then click on the lost password button. Then, type the email address of which account is made and then a recovery email will be sent to your email address. Log into the recovery email address and click on the link. Then type the new password and confirm the password. Click ok to save it.Have you ever face any problem regarding resolving of the problem, then user can take the assistance from the wordpress technical support number. They have a highly qualified technical support team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved quickly. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that all their customer concerns are taken seriously and possible solution is provided immediately.