Samsung printer technical support & assistance from help desk center!

Samsung printer has all the latest features for efficient printing of web pages or incorporate mobile printing. With effective installation of printer drivers one can start printing pages anywhere with a proper power connectivity. Processing of pages is much faster in Samsung printer and also protection from bugs is high rated. It is also easy to carry and refilling of the ink also can be done easily going through the manual. Now there are instances when the Printer user faces trouble working with the printer. Either the page printing is done correctly or the printer has stopped responding. These are common problems that the user reports and there can be issues in advanced form. Here user can look for content about Samsung printer issues and know about the proper troubleshooting of the printer.

How to Install the driver and set up connection with Samsung printer?

The user need to download and install the best available print driver and complete the USB connection.

Step1: The user need to go to the official website and enter the printer model and then follow the onscreen instructions and download the driver. Depending on the printer model the guided driver installation application will be download

Step2: The user can also go to the Samsung Customer Service – Software and Driver Downloads and enter the printer model and then confirm the operating system version is correct

Step3: Under Driver-Product Installation Software the user need to click Download next to the full feature driver and then will be navigated to use the guided Samsung Download and Install Assistant or can select Download only to save and run the driver file from the computer

Step4: When prompted the user need to select USB to continue with and complete the setup

Step5: Then try to print, scan or fax depending on the printer functionality.

Prodigious! you have successfully setup or install the Samsung printer with different USB cables and port, so that it functions with all the cables whenever required, if there is any kind of issue then contact to Samsung printer customer support phone number, which avail round the clock for help!

I hope that you can easily install the driver if not and you are facing issue you can contact Samsung printer customer service number and avail help desk team round the clock.

How to Configuring Samsung Printer Wireless?

Typical USB connection

Any user can plug the printer and configure it like any other and for that he or she just need to download the Unified Linux Driver from Samsung web site, untar and then run and then the printer will be auto-detected by the system in ubuntu Printers panel.

How to Configure Network connection in Samsung Printer?

The tricky part is the network connection to the printer and then configure it. There are a few options for the same are:

Step1: Connect the system to the printer directly via Ethernet

Step2: Connect the system to the printer directly via WiFi

Step3: Connect the printer to a router via an Ethernet cable and also make it available to the network which is useful for configuration

Step4: Connect the printer to a router via an WiFi and also make it available to the network making it useful for configuration

In any of the above mentioned ways after the printer is properly configured itself the user might have to configure the Ubuntu and to do that he or she just need to open Printers panel and add a network printer to it and then it should be auto-detected. If found any troublesooting issue then just contact to Samsung printer tech support!

How to connect Samsung printer with system?

Follow up the steps for connecting computer system to printer, so that you can prints your documents perfectly.

  • Connect the system to the printer directly either via Ethernet or via WiFi is not very useful for configuration as the problem still persists as the printer is not yet configured or plugging it to the ethernet port.

  • If the ports are not correctly connected it fails to work as because this process requires a manual connection configuration.

  • To connect via WiFi the user need the password which he or she might not have.

  • However, the user can access the printer network information by just pressing the printer's cancel button for 2 seconds but as the printer is still not yet connected it will only print useless papers.

The easiest way to resolve all this issues it is advisable to plug the printer to the router as this will provide an IP address which the user can find after opening the router's page on the browser. Then the user can simply open SyncThru in the browser and do the needful to configure the printer by just typing the printer's IP address in the browser and voilà. Moreover, after connecting the printer to the router and then pressing its "cancel" button will work as expected and will also print a lot of information including the WiFi password.

How to setup USB cable (windows) with Samsung Printer?

To configure the Samsung printer for a USB cable connection to a Windows computer the user need to install the full feature of Samsung driver and get supported features from a USB connected printer. To do so, the user need to

Prepare the Samsung printer setup with USB cable

Initially he or she needs to delete any previous installed printer versions from Windows and prepare the same for the USB connection setup and driver installation.

Step1: Then need to confirm the requirements and items which include:

  • Printer turned on and is a ready

  • Obtain a USB cable with the indicated length and width

  • Availability of the USB port on the computer as because connecting through a USB hub or docking station at times the printer might not receive enough power and operate as desired

Step2: Then disconnect the printer USB cable from the computer and wait for the system to prompt for reconnection during the driver installation step

Step3: Then click the Devices and Printers control panel setting in the results

Step4: Right-click the icon for the printer model and then click Remove device. In case of multiple icons the user need to remove them all

Step5: Close the Devices and Printers and continue.

I hope you are understood these steps and set the USB cable to the printer very easily but some time users can face problem, if you are facing issue related Samsung printer, So don’t any mistake and contact to Samsung printer tech support.

How to sort out common Samsung printer issues?

One of the problem faced by the users is that LCD panel becomes blank when the Samsung printer is powered on.

Try out the troubleshooting steps for the solution:

  • Press the power button and power off the printer.

  • User can locate the switch at the back of the printer. Power OFF that switch.

  • Now unplug the power cable from the printer and wall outlet.

  • Plug the power cable back into the printer and the wall outlet.

  • Also switch ON the switch at the back of the printer.

  • Press the power button to switch on the printer now and surely the problem will be resolved.

The other common issue faced by the Samsung printer user is that printer is showing ‘Offline’ or ‘status is not available’.
Here are the troubleshooting steps to solve the problem:

  • Power on the printer is powered on and also the USB cable is inserted properly in the printer & PC.

  • Try a different USB cable if the printer is showing ‘Offline’.

  • Also check the printer drivers to make sure it is not set to offline:

  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ and open ‘Devices and Printers’.

  • Select the printer and choose ‘See What’s Printing’.

  • Now select the printer and un-tick the option ‘Use Printer Offline’.

  • Now go to the Samsung Download Center and re-install the printer driver.

If case of any trouble contact Samsung printer Tech Support Phone Number for assistance.

Why to contact Samsung printer tech support phone number for help?

Support team has professional experts who deal with the printer problems remotely and instant solutions are provided. User can reach out easily over the Samsung printer tech support phone number and ask for assistance. Trained professionals are available over the Samsung printer tech support phone number who are dealing with various printer issues on regular basis.