How may you get reliable support for your Hotmail account by Hotmail Technical Support !

Hotmail is a webmail service that is developed by Microsoft. The service was found in 1996 and was then considered as world’s first webmail services. Hotmail supports the programming technology that supported internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, google chrome and even safari (for mac OS users). The technology was so designed to support the latest versions of the browser. With Hotmail, a user had options to search in the inbox by sender’s name, filter messages, organize messages using different folders like trash, archive, and etc. One also had the facility to the sign in automatically. By this feature, there is no hassle to enter the email id and password on the repeated basis. Hotmail also allows you to even converse in different languages with the user.

Hotmail password reset

When you have a mail feature then it is natural that a lot of information is stored in the email account. When you have the remember feature of Hotmail there is no need to enter the password or email id. But somehow, you do not remember your password. There is no need to worry.

Here are the steps of how to reset your Hotmail Password

  • Go to outlook and enter your email id.
  • Since you have already signed into outlook hence you can skip the sign-up option.
  • After entering your email id, the password will be asked and then you can click on “Forget the password” box.
  • Now click on one of the reasons for resetting the password.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Now enter the captcha code that is displayed in the box and proceed further.

Now Microsoft will confirm whether to send the security code to linked Gmail account or phone number that was entered at the time of creating the Hotmail account.

If in any case, you do not have any of these linked to account then you can click on “I don’t have any of these” and proceed to enter the email or phone number for recovery.

  • Enter the email id or phone number. Click on “Send Code”.
  • Tap “Enter the code” field and enter the code that you have received.
  • Enter a new password in the box and re-enter to confirm the same.
  • Microsoft will now lead you to the page to log into the account.

If you remember the password and yet not able to sign in, then also there is no need to panic.

How to recover Hotmail password without phone number

Below are the steps on how to recover Hotmail password without the phone number:

  • You can follow the above steps from step number 1 to 9. But we would like to tell you that in the fourth step, the reason that you will select will be “ I remember my password, but can’t sign in”.
  • After following the nine steps above, you now need to enter the recovery email address to enable Microsoft to send the security code.
  • After entering the email address in the box provided, check your inbox. You must have received the mail from Microsoft.
  • Enter the code from the inbox and click “Next”.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your personal details like first and last name, date of birth and many such details to confirm the account.
  • Click “Submit”. Now you will receive a reset password link over the recovery email.
  • You may click that link and reset the password.

If you have any other issues with your Microsoft account then you can feel free to contact Hotmail technical support anytime.

How to recover Hotmail Account?

You can create more than one Hotmail account to contact with Many people such as Your colleague,your friends ,family members and so on.Although Hotmail provides so much security but there may be a chance when you may forget your password.If you want to use Your Hotmail account then you need to recover your Hotmail passowrd.Here are the steps given below to recover your Hotmail password.You will have  a look on these steps.

These steps will help you to rectify your issue:

Step1: First go to the Hotmail Password reset page and enter your Hotmail id.

Step2: You need to select here “I forgot my password” link.

Step3: After that you will have to click on the Reset your password.

Step4: Now you will have to type your Hotmail email id.

Step5: Thereafter you will have to enter the Captcha .

Step6: If you are able to see the Image of Captcha then you will have to click on the Link that “I can't see this image then you need to type the text given below.

Step7: Now you will have to click on the Next option.

Step8: If you have entered your alternate email id at the time of Hotmail account creation then you need to enter your alternate email id.

Step9: Now you will have to select “email me arest link”for resetting your password.

Step10: Then click on the next option.

Step11: You are required to open your alternate email id then click on the link.

Step12: If you have used security question then you will have to select the security question.

Step13: Now you need to type the answer of that question.

Step14: After That you will have to type the new password.

Step15: You will have to again enter your new password for verification.

Step16: Now you will have to click on the continue then Done.

If you did not enter any alternate email id and security question then you will have to go to the security page of Microsoft Hotmail.Here you are required to enter your email id then click on Continue option.Here you will asked by Microsoft that you need to provide modre details to open your account.But some time users can face issue then dial our Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number.

Troubleshooting steps to fix hotmail not working on iPhone!

If you have account on hotmail and you use it on your iPhone regularly but suddenly you are unable to send or receive any message in the hotmail account, you get the issues of hotmail not working on iPhone,

you can go through following procedure and resolve the issue accordingly:

  • Check the outbox for unsent mails: If a message prompts up on your device, depicting the failure message of the message that was sent by you, this implies that email goes to your outbox. Check the outbox and send the email again:
  1. In the mail section, you need to tap on Mailboxes that you can find in upper left corner.
  2. Now, tap on Outbox, if you are unable to see the Outbox, then, this implies that your email has been sent.
  3. In the Outbox, tap an email. Ensure that email address of the recipient is correct.
  4. Tap on Send.
  • Check the email address and password: Check if you are entering the right email and password. If this is all correct from your side, then, go to next troubleshooting steps.
  • Check the settings in iPhone to troubleshoot the issue of hotmail not working on iPhone:

To ensure that the account settings are correct, you are required to compare the settings in the Mail app with the settings for the Mail account:

> Go to Settings.

> Click on Passwords and Accounts.

> Tap on the email account.

> Check out the account information by tapping on the email address that you can find next to your account.

> In the Mail settings look -up tool, you can check the recommended settings for the email account and ensure these are same that you can see on the screen. If unable to find the settings for the email account, then, you can contact the email provider or system administrator.    

  • Remove the email account and try to set it up again:

> Sign into the website of email provider. Ensure that all your mail are present and you can also ensure that your email is saved in the backup mode other than the iOS device.

> On the iOS device, go through following procedure:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Passwords and Accounts.
  3. If you have logged into multiple email accounts, then, it is better that tap on the email account which you want to remove.
  4. Tap on Delete account.
  5. To add hotmail account again onto the iPhone, you can go through following procedure:

> Go to Settings.

> Click on Passwords and Accounts.

> Tap on Add Account.

> Tap on the email provider.

> Enter the email address and password.

> Tap on Next.

> Mail verifies your account.

> Tap on Save.

With the above procedure, fix the issue of hotmail not working on iPhone. If you need expert assistance, you can contact the customer care.

Technical Bugs associated to Hotmail

Hotmail is easy to use but it does not mean it is free from technical bugs When you Use Hotmail then you may face some technical issues.Because of these issues your Hotmail account does not work in a proper way.To resolve these issues you may take help from Hotmail customer service.They will provide you bet guidance to fix all the issues.

Some common Hotmail issues which are solved by Hotmail technician are discussed below:

  • Hotmail Account creation issue.

  • Hotmail account password reset and recovery issue.

  • Synchronization error.

  • Account hacking or blocking issue.

  • Internal server error.

  • SMTP and POP3 server issue.

  • Account configuration and Installation issue.

  • Trouble with Hot account is not compatible on your device.

Expeditious help through Hotmail customer service team

Hotmail provides free web based mail service with efficient solution.Have you fedup with Hotmail problem? then you do not need to be more panic,you can immediately contact to Hotmail technical support by calling on Hotmail tech support number.You will get unlimited support from smart Hotmail technician who will fix all the trouble related to hotmail.Hotmail  help center offers you remote assistance by providing best solution.You can call anytime on Hotmail technician.They are always ready for your help.You can avail help in many ways such as Phone support,email chat support ,Social media support and so on.