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MSN a web portal and collection of internet services, functions and apps for windows, android and any other mobile phones. It has launched on August 1995. Having so many products with updated versions! MSN is the worlwide known for its feature of various web services provided by the IT giant Microsoft. This company deals in providing a variety of web services with useful and attractive features. Among those services msn butterfy is the one of the trademark application for the very famous online content brand of msn.

Why to choose msn butterfly?

Its updated logo is designed beautifully in the shape of colourful butterfly and hence called as the msn butterfly.In order to work on this service you first need to get access to it, which is only possible when a person login into account of msn.Now the question arises that how to sign up for MSN butterfly.

 In order to answer it first we need to follow certain steps:

Step 1: First of all just browse the official site of the MSN, then you will see two options on the page infront of you, one is the sign up and second is the login up

Step 2: Here being a fresh user you should check out the sign up process, which just require you to fullfill certain mandatory personal information and then

Step 3: By filling the required details you will be able to get a user name and password for your msn butterfly account.

Step 4: Before all these steps you should get a membership of msn, i.e you need to be a customer of msn member centre.

Step 5: MSN has a good number of attractive features embedded in the service of MSN Butterfly that provides the user with the huge platform through which they can go for sending and receiving emails.With the large storage capacity msn butterfly provides the user with the tension free service regarding to the storage.

Step 6: It has also got the messaging feature which could be accessed by the help of messenger

Step 7: It could easily filter Spam mails in an efficient manner, and hence helps the user from any kind of marketing mails which he does not prefer to receive since useless mails also occupy a large space in your account.

Step 8: and many more features are also presented by the msn butterfly account., it has already won the heart of millions of its customers worldwide. And now also in the process of improving its features.

Now once you sign up for the msn butterfly account, then by the help of the user ID and the password you can just login into your account and hence can manage further settings of the account.

How to change or reset Msn butterfly Password?

Like what if you forget your password and you are not able to login into your account in that case you you need to go for msn butterfly password reset/recover to get access to your account again.

For doing so you need to follow certain steps:

Step 1: first of all you need to try to login into your account then since you don’t know your password and hence its not possible to login to your account so first of all when you manage the settings of account you need to give a rescue email address so that a link to reset your password could be send to that account.

Step 2: Then you just need to click on a tab that will say I forgot my password, once you click on it you will see an option saying reset your password.

Step 3: Here you just need to enter the Windows Live Id that needs the resetting of the password

Step 4: then you just need to enter the characters which were shown in that page

Step 5: then you need to tap on the option saying next.

Step 6: Now the options you will see are the options to reset the password for your msn butterfly account.

Step 7: You can also choose an alternate way of resetting the password, like you can even retrieve your password by receiving a sms on our phone.but for that you need to wait to receive the link for resetting the password.

Step 8: After following these steps you can easily get to the page where you can type the new password of your choice and hence you can easily save the new password and then this password will give you to access your account again.

I hope  that now you can easily change your password but if you are facing any issues in your Msn butterfly then you can contact Msn butterfly password reset phone number.

How could i resolve mail spamming issue in MSN Butterfly !

Launched by Microsoft, Msn butterfly is web portal which provides distinguish email service for sending and receiving email.This email account is available for windows and mobile devices which provides so many services such as news,entertainment,Money,weather and health.With the help of MSN butterfly ,you may also use outlook function.

You may easily send an email with the help of MSN butterfly but there might be possibility you may get spamming mail issue.Because of this issue you are not able to see the mail in a correct folder or in an outbox.You need to fix this issue.

To resolve this issue we are describing some steps,you need to follow given below steps:

  • Initially you are required to make a temporary email address.

  • Here you will have to do the encryption process to encrypt your current email address.

  • Every user need to choose secure email service provider to getting email in a secure way.

  • After that you will have to filter your spam.

  • Here you will see an option to unscribe it,for resolving spamming issue,you need to click on the unsubscribe option.

If still you are facing any issue with MSN butterfly emailing service then you will not to have worry for anything ,just need to dial support number by taking MSN Butterfly Technical Support.You will get major help from MSN butterfly technician ,who are always ready for your help to get rid of any issue.They never believe in haste ,they believe for customer satisfaction as they work for it.They are available 24*7 to provide best solution to its user.

Msn butterfly Tech support Phone Number

MSN provides highly experienced or certified professionals to resolve your query. They will provide you reliable solution to your problem. Some common technical issue which are handled by MSN experts are discussed below:

  • Login and logout issue with MSN butterfly account.

  • Configuration issue.

  • Installation issue.

  • Unable to connect to Internet.

  • Internal server issue.

  • SMTP email setting trouble.

  • MSN butterfly password reset or recover issue.

  • Unable to send and receive mail.

  • What to do when MSN mail is not able to open any page.

  • Unable to download  images ,documents and videos.

In case you are in the process of using this service and you get into some technical issue and you are not able to resolve the issues by yourself then to reach the msn butterfly technical support for seeking the required help.