Got New iPhone Technical Support? Explore its Features and Configure it in an Easy Way

iPhone is an electronic gadget designed and developed by the Apple Inc. iPhone is widely used as its features are highly admired by the users. The iPhone features are excellent, it allows the users to connect with the trending world through Safari browser, iTunes is best for playing the music and iStore is available through which users can download the multiple apps and more utilities are there in iPhone.

If you are the new user of iPhone and want to configure it, then no need to worry. Here you will get the detailed procedure about the setup of iPhone. Just follow the step by step instruction and configure your iPhone.

How to Configure iPhone?

  • From your iPhone, tap on “Launch Setup Assistance” found on the Welcome page.

  • After tapping, you will find the list of Country, select yours and also select the Language you prefer.

  • Thereafter choose the WiFi Network for the Internet Connectivity.

  • Next, tap on Location Services and configure it.

  • After that tap on “Touch ID”, this enables you to unlock your device through a fingerprint.

  • Now, create a 6 digit Passcode this is beneficial when you go for Apple Pay.

  • Now it's time to restore the data from the Android Device and to do same, tap on “Move data from Android” and then tap on “Move to iOS Apps”, here you will see the terms and agreement, read it carefully and then tap on “Continue”. After that tap on “Find your code screen” located at the right end of the Android device. Wait for few minutes, you will receive the 10 digits codes on your iPhone, enter the same digit on the Android device and then select your contents from the Android device and then tap on Transfer data. Once the data is transferred, tap on Finish.

  • In the next part, you have to setup the Network Connection and create an Apple ID, to do this, tap on “Network Connection” and then make your Apple ID and move to iCloud and select “Use iCloud”.

  • Finally, you have successfully configured your device.

How to Use iTunes?

iTunes is an app through which you can listen songs and can download it from the iTunes Store. Use of iTunes is very easy, before that you need songs in your device. Connect your iPhone with the Computer and open iTunes in your Computer.

  • you can add multiple songs to the Playlist, to do this, open the Music library from your computer, then right click the same and select “ Add Folder to Library”. After doing this, the entire songs of the library will be imported to your iTunes.

  • If you want to download the songs from iTunes Store, you must Sign-in to the iTunes with the Apple ID and Password. Open iTunes Store, search the song you need and tap on it and finally tap on “Download”

Factory Reset an iPhone

iPhone is a line of smartphones designed by Apple. With iPhone you can get superior audio quality and best camera quality and there is less lag on iPhone. It offers a sleek design with user friendly features and fast browsing speed. You can use the Facetime feature of iPhone and do the video calls in high definition.

You can have iCloud service with iPhone and with icloud service you can shares data, music, photos and contacts with all your apple products.

Methods to reset iPhone with iCloud Lock-

To use an iPhone, you need to the register to the Apple ID, that is an iTunes account. Each iPhone has a unique number. Yes,it is possible to do a factory reset an iphone and If you have an iCloud locked iPhone and you don’t have account details, then here are few methods listed below to use for the reset an iPhone-

  • First you need to launch the iPhone settings from the app drawer and click on the “wifi”
  • Then next to the wifi network, you want to connect ,tap on the “ i “
  • You need to delete the DNS settings.
  • Then you need to enter a new one that will be depends on your location.
  • When you done ,click on the “back” and go to the “activation help” .
  • You will get a message “you have successfully connected to my server”,and then you can unlock your iPhone and reset an iphone.
  • For the reset , you need to do the hard reset. This reset is more drastic and erase all the information on your phone and restore your iPhone to its factory state.

If you can’t reset your iPhone, then you need to contact the iPhone technical support team via phone number and get help for your query. Customer support team provides you better and quick solution to solve your any problem related to Apple device

How to Download App on iphone?

Apple provides the multiple useful apps and you can access the same through your iPhone. You need to download it and the same procedure is listed below.

  • Make sure you have Signed-in with the Apple ID and Password.

  • Open Apple Store.

  • Now enter the app name in the Search bar and then tap on “Search”.

  • Once you have found the app, select the one and then tap on “Get” and thereafter tap on “Install”

  • wait for the download to complete, once it is completed, tap on your Homescreen as the installed app is visible on the Home Screen.

  • You can also find the trending apps by tapping on “Top Charts”. The list will show you the apps that are popular.

  • The list will also show you the about the app purchase, some are free and some are paid.

How to Recover iCloud Password?

iCloud is a cloud computing system which stores the entire documents, files, audio, and much more and makes your iPhone Storage Space free. To access the iCloud, you must have an Apple ID and Password. If you forgot your password of iCloud and want to recover the same, then follow the process listed below.

  • From your iPhone, tap on “iCloud”.

  • Enter your email address and then tap on “Forgot Apple ID or Password”.

  • In the next segment, enter your Apple ID and tap “Next”.

  • Thereafter provide the answers of few security questions and then tap “Next”.

  • Now you will be redirected to the Account Recovery Page, enter your new password and tap on “Save”.

2 Step Authentication

  • If you have enabled the 2 step Authentication, then recovery of iCloud Password is bit different.

  • First of all, click on the link “iforgot.apple.com”.

  • Enter your Apple ID and click Next.

  • You will receive the two options, trusted devices or registered phone number.

  • If you have selected the registered phone number option, then enter your mobile number in the Account Recovery page and click Next, now check your mobile for the security code. Enter the code in the page which you have received in the mobile and then click “Next”. Now enter your new password and click “Save”.

  • If you have selected the “Trusted Device”, then go to the “Setting”, tap on “iCloud from your trusted device” and thereafter tap on “Password and Security” and finally tap on “Change Password”. Now enter your New Password.

Why iPhone Won't Make or Receive Calls After Update?

Make sure your iPhone is getting the proper signal, If you see no signal at the top left of the screen, it means your iPhone is out of coverage area of the cellular network. To resolve such issue, reset your network setting and for the same, go to the Setting, tap on General and thereafter tap on Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

  • Check the Airplane Mode, if it is ON, then you won't receive or make any calls. So keep it in the Off Mode.

  • Make sure your Do Not Disturb Setting is in Off Mode.

  • Check Call Forwarding, if it is turned ON, keep it Off.

  • Remove and re-insert your Sim card.

  • Contact to the Network Provider might be due to the pending bills your number is blocked, so activate the number by consulting with the Network Carrier.

If still persist an issue, then feel free to contact iPhone Technical Support for the assistance. The techie works around the clock, so you can contact them anytime as per your need. They have good hands on experience in solving multiple issue. So, be in touch to avoid any interruption.