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Icloud accounts are the email account that one needs to access their Apple device be it iphone or any MAC products. To create an icloud account, the steps are really easy and can be undertaken whenever the account is required to be made.On the other hand, there are several users who create their icloud email account but are unable to sign in. Therefore, so as to log in to the icloud account on any of the Apple device, these below given steps needs to be followed by the user. Besides, the user can also get various details regarding this topic from the Icloud Customer Service.

How to login Icloud Account ?

Step1: Firstly the user need to visit the icloud website from any web browser.

Step2: Then the user is required to enter their Apple ID and also the password in the required space.

Step3: Now the user need to select on allow option so as to enable the two step authentication for the account.

Step4: For this the user need to enter the 6 digit number for their verification.

Step5: The user then can allow the access of various items that can be synced with the icloud.

Step6: Select on photos option to allow the viewing, downloading as well as deleting the photos on icloud.

Step7: User then can further sync other items such as calendar, contacts, icloud drive etc with their icloud account.

I sure your icloud account easily login but some time users can facing issue in this situation contact icloud technical support team anytime.

How to Recover Icloud Password?

Also there are times when the user forgets their icloud email account password and search for How to Recover Icloud Password on the internet for it solution. So, to get back the password there are steps that the user need to follow correctly.

Therefore, mentioned below is the process to recover icloud email account password :

Step1: Firstly the icloud account user needs to go to their Apple id account page on their systems.

Step2: Then, the user is supposed to select on Forgot Apple id or password menu mentioned there.

Step3: Now, if the user is asked then they need to enter their contact number so as to use the two step verification process.

Step4: User can also choose for the option to reset their password. The options for this are answering the security questions, or by getting an email on the alternate email address.

Step5: Lastly, get the code on the preferred option and follow the onscreen instructions to change the password.

Follow these above steps and recover your icloud password if not or facing some trouble than dial icloud customer support number 24/7.

Why my iPhone won't backup to iCloud?

Normally, most iPhone and iPad users choose to sync with iCloud, thus backing up contacts, calendars, messages, camera rollers, mail accounts, etc. When creating a backup with iCloud, a backup file is located locally on the computer, and without it, you can’t restore an iPhone so that the previously mentioned files return to the device. However, if you use the 5GB iCloud space that comes with free of charge when you create an Apple ID, there is actually enough space for you to make an online backup that will always be available to you, whether you lose your iPhone.

  • You are not connected to any internet network.
  • Out of memory. You have used the provided 5GB space.
  • You might have turned off the iCloud backup on your iPhone.

Why is backup and restore important?

Like everything, things are just as important as you make them themselves. This is also the case with backup and restore of files. If you are an iPhone user and you have lots of important files in your phone, you need to keep a backup of all your data. You can create iCloud backup to keep all your data safe and secure. You need to get iCloud Customer service in case you have any issues with your iCloud account.

How to restore iPhone backup from iCloud?

  • First of all sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password
  • Accept Terms by Selecting "Agree"
  • Wait while your iPhone sets your Apple ID. This may take a few minutes.
  • Select the backup you want your iPhone to be restored from.
  • Your iPhone is restored now. Depending on the amount of backup, they may take some time to restore the phone.

Get connected to iCloud Customer service for technical assistance.

How to fix Sending and receiving email issue ?

The users also face various issues while accessing their icloud account like configuration issues, server setting issues, password issues and many more. Among all these issues some are very common like the issues of sending and receiving of emails. Hence, to solve sending and receiving problems of icloud account,

The user can follow the given process:

Step1: For solving email sending and receiving issues, first of all the user is required to go to the mail, contacts and calendar option on their Apple device on whichever they are working.

Step2: There the user will get all the email account that are being accessed on that particular Apple device.

Step3: User need to select on that email account that is creating sending and receiving of mail issues.

Step4: Now, the user is supposed to go to the outgoing mail server menu and then select on the SMTP server form the list.

Step5: Therefore, by changing the server setting, this particular issue will get solved.

Furthermore, by switching the server settings of the account, the user can easily solve this particular issue. But, the user should make sure that these steps are processed in the correct way so that the problem gets easily and you can contact icloud tech support number & instantly solved.

How to icloud email account configuration on iPhone, iPod, Mac and other devices?

There are also times when the user face problems of icloud email account configuration issue on iPhone, iPod, Mac and other devices for which they need perfect solutions.

Therefore, to get this issue solved the best way is to follow these provided steps that are mentioned below:

Step1: First of all the user should check their internet connection as many a times because of poor connection this particular issue occurs.

Step2: The user can also manually configure their icloud account to avoid this issue. This can be done by :

           -open the settings menu on the Apple device.

           -select on accounts and passwords.

           -click on the icloud email account that needs to be configured.

           -select the email address and if needed switch SMTP server.

           -select on new SMTP server connection and from there the user need to enter their account password.

           -select done and then click on advanced.

           -lastly select on any new IMAP server available for the account.

Step3: And hence, the configuration issue of the icloud account will be solved.

Therefore, these are the steps that the user need to undertake if they get stuck in the configuration of their icloud accounts. For this purpose also.

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