Gmail Password Reset & Recovery

Know about the process for various recovery methods of Gmail account password and its technical support

Gmail as we all know is one of the best and the most successful product of Google that provides the facility to send and receive emails. Also, with the use of gmail, the user can use various other products of Google such as Google play store, Google maps, Google music and many more. Gmail is the most utilized free email service that has millions of people as its users .

On the other hand, gmail user also face issues regarding Gmail Account Recovery and for which they require the best possible steps. Also, there are times when the user need the assistance for various password related issues.

How to recover Gmail Password without phone number?

Many a times, the gmail user forgets their password and asks for the guidance to recover it back. The recovery of the gmail account password can be done with the use of the phone number or can also be done with Gmail Password Recovery without phone number.

Steps to recover the gmail account password without the use of phone number are:

Step1: To recover the password without the phone number, first of all the gmail user need to visit the homepage of gmail to get the sign in requirements.

Step2: Then the user need to click on forgot password menu that is mentioned at the bottom of username and password credential menu.

Step3: Now, in the account support option, the user is required to enter their email address associated with that password.

Step4: Once the email address is entered, the user is required to select for any verification method.

Step5: The user need not choose the phone number verification method, instead they are required to select on the questionnaire method for the verification process.

Step6: The user then need to answer the questionnaire in which they are needed to answer some of the common questions related to that particular gmail account.

Step7: Once the user answer all the question, they are supposed to enter the new password in the gien box.

Step8: After the new password is entered, the user need to select on save option so as to save the changes made in the password of th account.

I am sure you will be received a password for Gmail without phone number if not or still facing issue than you can dial Gmail password recovery number.

How to Reset Gmail password without any query?

Also, there are many situations when the user is unable to sign in to their gmail account because of certain password and sign in issues, for which the best way is to reset the account password . Therefore user can easily process the Gmail password reset without any query.

You can change their password as soon as they face any single issue related to it with the use of these steps:

Step1: To reset the gmail account password, first of all the user is required to sign in to their gmail account.

Step2: The signing in process is done by entering the username and the password for the account.

Step3: After signing in, the user need to select on users menu and further should select on the settings option.

Step4: Once the settings option has been selected by the user, they need to click on the reset password menu.

Step5: User's will see the password reset icon on which they need to select.

Step6: Now, go to the new password menu and enter the new password for the account.

Step7: After the new password is entered, the user is supposed to select on reset the password and lastly should click on save to apply the changes.

Step8: The user then can easily sign in with the new password and ca access their gmail account.

I sure easily reset your Gmail password without any query either you can contact Gmail password reset phone number antime.

How to recover hacked Gmail account?

The main and the most common issue related to gmail account is its hacking Hacking is really a serious concern as the hacker can make use of the hacked account in the wrong way that would lead the user into a severe problem. Therefore, if anytime the user feels that their account is hacked, they should simply process the method to get their Gmail hacked account recover.

For this the below mentioned steps needs to be followed by the user:

Step1: To recover the hacked gmail account, first of all the user need to visit the GOogle account login page.

Step2: Then, select on the need help option that is mentioned at the bottom side of the sign in menu.

Step3: By selecting on the need help menu, the user will go to the Google account recovery page.

Step4: There the user is required to click on I don’t know my password option that is displayed on that page.

Step5: The user then is needed to enter their gmail address that is hacked in the email address menu.

Step6: Once the gmail email credential is entered, the user need to select on continue and should go to the next step.

Step7: The user also need to enter the captcha that is displayed on the screen.

Step8: Now, by doing this the user will be directed to a page where they need to enter their last password that they remember.

Step9: Once entered, select on continue and from there click on I don’t know.

Step10: By doing the Google will provide the password reset option to the user and further for processing is the user need to verify their account and identity.

Step11: The user then need to go to the verify your identity page and then they are required to answer certain questions related to their account.

Step12: Lastly, the user need to follow the onscreen instructions to get back the access of their account.

Furthermore, if the user face any concern related to the above mentioned methods, they should directly contact the Gmail technical support and should avail the most reliable and credible help from the technicians.

Gmail password recovery solution by Gmail support team

The technical representatives will also provide help in issues such as :

  • Issues in sending emails from gmail account.

  • Gmail account configuring issues.

  • Gmail account blocked issues.

  • Server settings problems related to gmail account.