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Offering a wide range of services like phone, broadband, TV, and internet services, the British Telecom Company has attained words of appreciations by millions of people. It brings a free email service that is associated with BT Broadband. If you are expecting to make register for BT Broadband, you are supposed to make the use of BT Mail address. This web-based application allows you to access the Contacts and Calendar of other email service or services. Well, the BT Mail can be accessed from a computer or from any other device. This is an informative write up that will be sharing many issues. However, we will discuss the answer to your question, how to sign up for BT Mail, in the first section.

How to Sign Up BT Mail?

If you are facing issues of Bt mail sign in account you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open British Telecom website

Step 2: Go to the log in/sign up section

Step 3: After that, you need to enter inside the My Extras section

Step 4: Click on the BT Mail panel, then

Step 5: A list of email addresses will appear

Step 6: Your job is to select create new email

Step 7: Also, choose an email address that is available in the given list

Step 8: Here you are supposed to choose a password for your new BT Mail address

Step 9: Enter it and confirm it

Step 10: Hit the Create email button

You will soon receive a message that will give you the confirmation of email account establishment. Once you receive it, you are allowed to make the account login. It also allows you to get the benefit of all the allied services of British Telecom.

How to Reset Password in BT Mail?

Check out theBT Mail password recovery/reset issue with a suitable solution. Seven simple steps, presented here, are strong enough to bring your account back to you. But you are requested to follow these steps in their exact schedules.

Step 1: The password recovery starts with the entering of email account

Step 2: The entered email ID should be in the format of,, or

Step 3: Once it is entered, you are supposed to answer the set of security questions

Step 4: It is compulsory step for you to verify the account ownership

Step 5: You will then get a chance to choose a new password

Step 6: Enter the new password twice, after you choose it

Step 7: Update the email client then

I hope that !! you can easily reset your password if not you can contact Bt mail customer service phone number and talk to expert technicians.

BT Mail Account Not Sending or Receiving Emails

It could be related to the sluggish broadband services. However, one of the most recognized reasons behind this problem is the outage problem BT Mail usually faces. Therefore, the first and foremost thing you are supposed to do is to contact withBT Mail Tech Support. As you know, it is filled with highly experienced professionals that have been hired to provide genuine solutions to the BT Mail users.

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Not only the email sending and receiving issue the discussed way is able to resolve a wide range of problems, including the login issues and the security issues.

BT Mail Customer Support Phone Number

Precisely talented and immensely innovative experts are involved with this customer care that is dedicatedly solving all the listed issues.