How To Deal With The Yahoo Mail Not Working In Safari

Yahoo is a renowned emailing service used by several people around the globe. Although Yahoo is compatible with nearly all the browsers, yet sometimes users may face trouble while working on Safari. Yahoo not working on Safari occurs to a more annoying issue in the case when the user is expecting to receive an important email but unable to access the account due to this error. Moreover, numerous reasons can create Yahoo not working problems on Safari, at the same time these can be settled with simple actions. Therefore, get specific details related to the reasons and solutions to fix Yahoo mail not working in Safari error from below.


Why does Yahoo not work in Safari?


Yahoo mail users can face trouble to access their account in Safari due to numerous reasons among which a few common are, enlisted below


·       Internet connectivity error

·       Compatibility issue of Yahoo mail in Safari browser

·       Cache and cookies saved in Safari might causing error

·       Yahoo my not work due to the older Safari version

·       Providing wrong Yahoo mail login credentials by mistake


How to fix Yahoo not working in Safari error?


You can fix Yahoo mail not working in the Safari issue by implementing some basic tricks without knowing the specific reasons for it. Hence, the different standard solutions to deal with Yahoo not working in Safari error are further as explained below:


Check internet


·       First of all you must check your internet connection as Yahoo mail needs a proper internet to work smoothly on Safari

·       You can also connect your device to a different data network and then retry opening Yahoo mail in Safari

·       If the issue is resolved then fine or else move to next solution


Clear Safari browsing history


·       Open the settings of your Safari browser to clear the cache and cookies from it

·       Next, go to the browsing history and select the time range for deleting files

·       Then hit the delete button to remove all the selected cache and cookies


Update Safari browser·   


  Yahoo mail may not work in Safari when you are using the older version of it

·       Therefore, download the latest version of Safari in your device

·       Then retry opening Yahoo mail in Safari and check whether it is working or not


Check account login credentials


·       In some cases you may be entering wrong Yahoo mail credentials in Safari by mistake

·       So go to Yahoo login page in Safari again and re-enter your login information by making sure that its correct

·       You can also re-check whether CAPS lock is not on while you are entering the login credentials


Use another browser


·       You have to use a different browser to access Yahoo mail services in case of compatibility issue with Safari

·       Download another browser like Chrome, or Firefox in your device and then access your Yahoo account on it


Hence, you can fix the Yahoo mail not working in Safari error by following the above solutions one by one. Sometimes when the Yahoo mail not working in Safari error doesn't get over even after applying all the available solutions, then you have to get help from a technical person. You are permitted to contact the customer support team of Yahoo for receiving better aid towards fixing the not working problem in Safari browser. Sometimes you may discover that the problem is with the Yahoo server itself at that particular time when you were trying to reach your account in Safari