Sympatico Email Toll Free Number

Bell internet is formerly known as Sympatico Internet. It is an internet service provider which provide Sympatico email service. Sympatico email is widely used in Canada. Sympatico email is the oldest way of communication among users. You can configure Sympatico email service on your device to send your mails, your newsletter and many more.

There are not many complications in using sympatico emails but some users find it difficult. They seek helps to solve the technical issues like:

  • How to configure sympatico on device?

  • Unable to send and receive mails.

  • How to download and install Sympatico mail?

  • Spam mail identification and removal.

  • Login or password problem

How to fix Msg sending & Receiving issue?

When you are facing the issue that you are able to receive a message but can’t send or vice versa then you need to check server settings on your phone.

For sending a message you need to do following setting for outgoing server:

Steps1: Send : “”

Steps2: Set port to “25” and enter your “sympatico email address” in the user name block.

Steps3: For the security enable authentication and use “SSL: Yes”.

To receive a message configure the outgoing server settings as follows:

Steps1: Set Receive:

Steps2: Set incoming port to “995” and enter your “sympatico email address” as your username.

Steps3: Check in front of “Keep on server” and “Use SSL: Yes”.

Once you configured your setting according to these you will be able to send and receive mails. If you are facing any problem then contact to technical support team of Sympatico. You can also get the information about the billing process, how to resolve the problems, How to troubleshoot Sympatico Email? in very quick time. Users can explain their problems via email to our customer service team. They will revert back with an optimal solution according to user need.

How to Contact Sympatico Email Toll Free Number

To find the information about our contact number you can visit the official Website of Sympatico mail service. Once you have got hold of the number save it for future reference. When you need expert assistance and guidance feel free to call on this number 1-855-925-7079. You can also get online support, you need to login using your email address. Once you logged in you can register your issues. These issues solved by our professional on urgent basis and professional will come up with immediate solution.