Fastmail Toll Free Number

Fastmail is an email service provider.It is used for sending and receiving email through Internet. Fastmail provides best feature to its user.It is used for paid accounts.Fastmail is used in so many business application because it provides fastest emailing service to its user. Fastmail is used as independently by everyone.It provides so much security to user because it gives authentication technique for sending or receiving email.You can use fast mail on your iphone.

How to Use Fastmail in iphone?

Here are the steps given below By using these steps you can use fastmail for sending email with out any disturbance:

Steps1: First you have to open your iphone and then go to the setting app on your iphone.

Steps2: Then you need to tap on mail option.

Steps3: Here you have to click on Accounts and then you need to click on Add accounts t

Steps4: Then you need to scroll down and select others and then Add mail account.

Steps5: You have to fill the information here such as Your name,Your email address and iphone  password.

Steps6: If you are using using custom domain then you have to go in the Incoming and outgoing server of your mail address and fill the information here.

Steps7: You need to click on “Next option” and then you have to click on save option.

When you use Fast mail the sometime there is a chance that you can forget your pasword then you need to follow these steps to get to know how to recover Fastmail account.After recovery your fastmail account you can open your fastmail account and can use fastmail for sending and receiving email.

How to recover Fastmail account?

Here are the steps given below:

Steps1: First you have to open fast mail account page.

Steps2: Then you have to sign in your fastmail email address and now you have to click on the forget password link.

Steps3: By clicking on this link you will get to next page here you will have to enter your alternate email address.

Steps4: Now you have to open your alternate email and you will get a link on that email address.

Steps5: By clicking on this link you will get a fastmail page here you have to enter your new password and reenter this password for verification.

Steps6: Now you can login your fast mail account with new password.

There is fastmail email account website link where you can ask what is fastmail toll free number.This link will go to the fastmail customer representative.They provide you fastmail toll free number.

How To Contact Fastmail Helpline Number

You can call any time on this Fastmail Helpline number 1-855-925-7079 for any help regarding fastmail problem.Fastmail provides highly experienced technician for providing you best solution of any problem.They are always ready for your help.