How to turn off 2 step verification without signing in?

Basically two step verification is a process where security options are performed in order to verify that the user logging in or accessing the account is the person himself. Always remember that every time you sign in an untrusted device having 2 step verification on, you will get a security code through mail or maybe phone in order to ensure that person using the device is you only. And in case your security code is off and you are logging in any unknown device, your device is likely to be unsafe also there is a risk to your account security.

Turn off 2 step verification without signing in is up to you. In case your two step verification is on but you don’t want use mail, call though phone number or text then you can use Microsoft authenticator app which will help in securing your account better that too without signing in. 


 To turn on or how to turn off 2 step verification without signing in Gmail the steps are as follows:

  • Visit security settings of your device and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Scroll down and under two step verification option, tap on set up two step verification option to turn it on or select turn off two step verification in order to turn it off.
  • Continue further and follow the instructions ahead.
  • Also remember in case of turning on two step verification  always add on three backup email addresses or phone numbers in case you lose your security info. In case you do and don’t have backup option then you can lose your account permanently.


Also remember two step authentication is kind of similar to two step verification process. All the difference is if required how do I  turn off two-step authentication 2019 in apple devices, I need to follow few steps in the setting options by deactivating my apple ID.