Know the process to connect TP link Router with your device

TP link router is developed by Chinese manufacturer of computer networking company. It is a wireless router that performs the function of a router. It include the function of a wireless access point. It provide the access to use internet and computer networks.

How to Connect Wireless Tp link router

To connect TP link router you need the following items: Computer with an ethernet port, TP link router with its power supply, internet connection and access to a power outlet. This article will explain you how you establish connection with wireless TP link router.

You have to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Firstly connect your computer to a second Lan port using an Ethernet cable on your TP-Link router.

  • Now login through the IP address into the TP- Link web interface.

  • After this go to the network and then select LAN on the side menu.

  • You have to change the Lan IP address of your TP Link N router to an IP address of the main router.

  • Now go to the wireless section and select wireless settings.

  • After this configure the SSID network and select save tab.

  • Again go to the wireless and select wireless security.

  • Select either WPA or WPA2- personal for security and click on save.

  • Now go to the DHCP and locate DHCP settings then select disable the DHCP server and click on save option.

  • Now you have to go on Systems tools and select reboot option to reboot the device.

  • Connect your main router to your TP link N router by using an Ethernet cable through their Lan port.

After following these steps all other LAN ports on your TP link router will allow the devices to use Internet access. Any device can access the internet through TP link router by entering the SSID and password.

How to active internet connection

In this article we have explained a step by step process for installing the software on TP link router. By following these steps you can find answer of the question like How to active internet connection. This process will take about 20 to 30 minutes. If these steps do not work for you or you are having any other issue then visit the official website of TP link router for help TP-Link Router Technical Support.