Sun Country Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy.

Are you planning to travel by Sun Country Airlines? Then, it is very important that before planning your trip you have complete details about the various policies and procedures of the airline. Hence, to help you out here, in this article, you will be provided with the latest updates on Sun Country Airlines carry-on baggage policy


Latest updates on carry-on baggage allowance

While traveling by air, the thing which concerns most of the passengers is the baggage allowance. Indeed, the baggage allowance is one of the major pointers that one requires to keep in mind to avoid excess charges and issues while traveling. 

Further, to help out the passengers traveling by Sun Country Airlines, here are some of the recent updates made by the airline on Sun Country Luggage Fees that one should know. 

  • As you might know that Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost carrier airline. Hence, they charge for each baggage that the passenger is carrying including the carry-on baggage. 
  • And as per the latest update, the passenger needs to pay $30 for two standard carry-on baggage which is the fees for the one-way travel. 
  • Further, the above rates are applicable, if the passengers purchase their bags in advance or at the time of online check-in. 
  • In case, if the passenger purchases their bags at the airport, the passenger will be charged $40 for each baggage. 
  • Also, passengers are not allowed to carry more than 2 standard bags. 
  • Besides, the airline has introduced a list of personal items which are exempted from the baggage fee. 


Hence, this was the complete details on the latest updates of Sun Country carry-on baggage allowance. Still, if the passenger has any query they can contact Sun Country customer service for required help and gather complete information before confirming their reservations with the airline.