Facebook Password Recovery

Facebook is the most prominent and the leading social networking site of today's time that the user can access with their username as well as password. For accessing Facebook account one should have a valid and a verified email account so that the user can access it very easily without facing any issue.

With the use of Facebook account, the user can share their photos, posts, videos, messages etc with one another and can also process their communication with their near and dear ones. With the use of Facebook account, one can even video and audio call with one another and can talk with one another. User can simply access their Facebook account with with the use of Browser or can even download the Facebook application on their mobile devices for accessing it.


How to Recover Facebook Password?

On the other hand, there are times when the user forgets their Facebook account password and looks for How to recover Facebook Password questions for it's solutions. So, for getting back the Facebook account password, there are steps that the user is required to followed in the correct way.

The steps for this are given below:

Step1: First of all the user is required to open Facebook account on any of the browser on which they want to work.

Step2: For doing this simply enter facebook.com on the browser and select enter.

Step3: The user then is required to select on forgot password menu that is mentioned beside the log in section of Facebook.

Step4: Now the user should select on email me a link to reset my password option that is mentioned there.

Step5: Once this option is selected the user need to click on continue.

Step6: By doing this Facebook will send a code to the alternate email address that the user need to enter in the next page that gets opened.

Step7: Once the user gets the code, they should enter it in the given space and should then select on change password.

Step8: After this the user should enter their new password for the Facebook account and should select on save.

Therefore, with the help of these steps the user will be able to recover their password and will enable to save the new password for their Facebook account. The user should remember that they will not get back their old password, instead they will have to mention a new password and should save it correctly.


Facebook Password Recovery without phone number?

These steps are for Facebook password recovery without phone number process as the above mentioned steps doesn’t require the phone numbers of the user. Rather the user just need to have their alternate email so as to process the recovery of the Facebook account.


How to Reset Facebook Password?

Besides there are also times when the user wishes to change their Facebook account password as they feel that their account is hacked or is blocked because of some reasons. So, for this purpose the user looks for How to reset Facebook Password on the internet and search for the correct method to solve it.

So, for resetting or changing the Facebook account password, the below given steps are to be followed:

Step1: First of all the user is supposed to sign in to their Facebook email account page with the username as well as the password.

Step2: Then, the user need to select on the settings option mentioned at right side of the page.

Step3: After this the user should select on security and login option and should go to the next step.

Step4: Then, click on edit option mentioned near the change password option.

Step5: User should then enter their current password in the given space.

Step6: From there the user should enter their new password in the required space and lastly should select on save.


Forgot Facebook password number

For this purpose, the user can even call on the Forgot Facebook password number and can talk with the concerned representatives. The executives available for this purpose are technically experts available all day long for helping the user in each of their issues that they face while accessing their Facebook email account. The representatives can be reached out with their phone numbers and also with the use of the be email help that is available 24 hours of the day.