How Can I Resolve Quickbooks Not Responding When Sending Email

QuickBooks is the accounting software that is developed mainly for the use of small and medium-sized businesses for calculating and managing the income & expenses. It can also help your business by getting integrated with the desktop software of Outlook.


One of the most common problems in using this service is the error of QuickBooks Not Responding When sending email which hampers the normal functioning of the Business.


How To Remove Privileges Of Admin In Fixing QuickBooks Not Responding When Sending Email Issue?


To get rid of this QuickBooks not responding error you can edit the privileges of the Admin and make it non-mandatory while sending the mails through by following these steps.


  • Close the QuickBooks desktop application and click on the Windows option to open the start menu.

  • Search & locate the QuickBooks app and go to the location of this file.

  • Select the QuickBooks.exe file and open the properties of that file be making a right-click.

  • In the Compatibility tab, uncheck the option to run this program as administrator. If the check-box option is not available then you are required to select Show Settings For All Users option.

  • Click on OK to confirm the change and complete the process.


Editing the email preference to remove the non-responding error


If the above method does not work to resolve the responding issue then you can amend the email preference with this process.


  • Open the edit tabs in QuickBooks account and click on preferences.

  • Now select Send Forms option > Outlook (as email option) > OK.


Send an email to see the modifications made in the Settings are working or not.


If the problem still exists then follow these steps.


  • Go to My Preference section and select QuickBooks webmail as the email option.

  • Repeat the steps and again go to My Preference section.

  • Select Outlook as an email option again and click on OK.


Edit the email preference of Internet Explorer


QuickBooks uses the services of Internet Explorer for using the internet service which runs in the background. Thus, it is vital to reset the email preference there for which you need to follow these steps.


  • Launch the Internet Explorer program in the background.

  • Open the Tools option and select Settings and open the internet options.

  • Follow this process Programs Tab > Set Programs > Set your Default Programs.

  • Choose the email service which you desire to use.

  • Save the changes to complete the process.


Fix the MAPI32.dll file


You should follow these steps for repairing the MAPI32.dll file.


  • Terminate all the open programs on the desktop.

  • Go to the Windows section and open the C:\ Windows\ System32 folder.

  • Search the Fixmapi.exe file and open it.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of file repair.

  • On completion of the repair process, restart your device.


You can also resolve this error by removing and then re-adding the QuickBooks application on the desktop by using these steps of the clean install.


If the problem of QuickBooks not responding when sending email persists then you can connect with the customer support of QuickBooks to get the required assistance for solving this error.