Get to know about Protonmail and its password reset process

Protonmail is a secure email service. It is developed by the group of scientist who met during European organization of nuclear research in Geneva. The main motive of the Protonmail service is to protect email service by providing a end to end encryption. It  means to read a mail you need to decrypt it first. You don't need to require to provide your personal information to create your secure account.

Write about Protonmail Services

For the security concerns protonmail don’t keep IP logs which can be linked to your email account. You can use it on any device without installation. It is compatible with other email providers too. To know about the services of protonmail you have to type Write about Protonmail Services in Google search box. Here we are enlisting some of the services provided by Protonmail:

  • Swiss Privacy “Data Security and Neutrality”

  • End to end encryption for automatic email security

  • Open source and free secure email service

  • Security without hassle “easy to use”

  • Modern inbox Design “security with productivity”

Process to reset Protonmail password

You should write your password or remember it because Protonmail does not keep record of your password. You need to set strong password for the security of your account. To create a strong password for your account you can use alphanumeric letters or phrase. This will help you to keep your account more secure. We are providing an easy approach to reset your password. If you want to  Protonmail Password reset without phone number then you have to follow below mentioned steps:

  • First of all Go to  ProtonMail website and enter the protonmail email address and password to login in your account.

  • Locate the “Forgot password”  link under the decrypt password field.

  • After this you will get  a warning message on your screen which states that “resetting your mailbox password is permanent”.

  • Now you have to  enter the “DANGER” word and then click on “Reset” button.

  • Insert the verification code in the box you have received on your reset Email Id.

  • Now create your new mailbox password and follow the instruction displaying on your screen.

If you are facing any difficulty after following these steps then you are required to contact to Protonmail Technical Support 1-855-925-7079 team. This team  consist of members in both Europe and North America. They provide 24x7 hours support.You can contact us any time and discuss your problem. They provide  you an optimal solution of your problem.