How To Fix Operating System Not Found After Bios Update

With the development of technology, users are very dependent on every device. These devices have not only made the work compilation easy and efficient but also made it easy for users to manage their work. And with every passing time, these devices, systems, and software keep on updating and upgrading themselves to make their work easy and efficient. 

Various devices use various operating systems and software to be working and giving users the best experience. At the same time, it is also quite common when users face issues using such devices. So, if you are such a user who is finding issues in his Operating system right after you have updated BIOS then you shall not be puzzled. You are not alone as many other users are stuck in this situation and that is clueless just like you. 


And this is the article, which has brought to you the resolution for users who are facing an operating system not found after BIOS update issue. But to get away with the issue you should first know the reasons which lead you in facing such an issue. And in this article, we shall start by stating the reasons and then its resolutions. Let us start by stating some reasons and then its resolutions. 


Reasons and Causes of Operating System Not Found After BIOS Update! 


  1. When you have a bad BIOS configuration. The BIOS configuration becomes incorrect because of the power outages, hardware errors. The configuration error may even occur because of configuring the BIOS manually. 

  2. Another reason can be when you have updated BIOS, the update was not fully downloaded or installed. 

  3. Also if the BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive then it can be because of the faulty data cables because of which there can be fluctuations in the connection as well. 

  4. If the basic input and output device i.e. BIOS does not detect the hard disk which helps in installing Windows. 

  5. If your hard disk fails physically or logically then also you can get an Operating system not found. 


And there are many other ways which can cause users to face Operating system not found issues. To get away with the issue, you can try the below-mentioned tips. 


Resolutions to Fix Operating System Not Found After BIOS Update Effortlessly


  1. Start by checking the BIOS settings which can be termed as a good resolution. Also, check the BIOS settings manually so that any error can be found and get rid of it. 

  2.  Check the update that you have downloaded. If you find that update is not complete then you can delete the one and download it once again. 

  3. If BIOS is unable to detect hard drives then you can choose to make changes in the hard drive. Also, you can choose to make changes to the faulty cable. 

  4. If the basic input and output device is unable to detect windows or install the update then also you have the option to change the hard drive. 


And even after trying the above tips your issue was not resolved then you can contact the respective customer support.