A Comprehensive To Fix No Internet When Connected To VPN

Virtual private networks or VPNs are great options to ensure the security and privacy of online activities and browsing history. And in today’s time, it has become one of the major requirements. 


In general, VPNs are used for routing the internet connection from a certain server from the location chosen by the user. With this, the user can easily mask their presence online using a temporarily assigned IP. Also, with the use of a VPN, the user can access the content that can be accessed from a particular location only. 


All in all, VPNs are a great service in today’s time when the private info of the user can be compromised easily. Still, there are times when users might face some issues with VPN like no internet when connected to VPN. So, for users facing this issue, they can explore the solutions provided in this article.


Resolving no internet after connecting to VPN


1. Check date and time settings


There are chances that the user might be encountering this issue because of some issues with the date and time settings. So, to resolve it, it is recommended that the user follow the listed instructions. 


  • On the taskbar, double click on the date and time settings.

  • Further, click on change the time and date settings and make the required changes. 

  • Now, restart the VPN and connect it to the server location. 


2. Modify DNS server configuration


Another quick way to resolve no internet after connected to VPN problem is by modifying the DNS configuration and checking if the issue is resolved or not. 


  • To begin this process, the user is required to open the Start menu and select the run option. 

  • Enter ncpa.cpl and click on the Ok button and in the network connections look for the usual connection. 

  • Further, open the properties section for the network connection. 

  • Double-click on the IPv4 and click on Use the following DNS server address and type preferred DNS as with an alternative DNS server as

  • After that, click on the OK button and check if the issue is resolved or not. 


3. Disable proxy settings


Alternatively, the user can fix no internet when connected to VPN is by disabling the proxy settings. For this process, the user needs to follow the provided steps that include:


  • Launch the browser and from the Tools section pick internet options. 

  • Under the connections tab, click on the LAN settings option and proceed. 

  • Now, uncheck all the options excluding automatically detect settings option. 

  • Then, click on the OK button and restart the browser again and check if the issue is fixed or not. 


4. Connect VPN server to a different location


Another quick hack to fix no internet issue is by modifying the location used for accessing the internet via a VPN. In case, if there is no issue with the new location, then there are chances of some temporary issues with the location used for accessing the internet. 


5. Uninstall and reinstall VPN


For Knowing How to fix no internet after connected to VPN, the user can try to follow the listed instructions:


  • Open the App and features section in the Start menu and locate the VPN in the list of programs. 

  • Further, the user needs to uninstall the VPN from the device. 

  • Now, the user is required to open the run dialog box and enter Cpl.

  • In the network connections window, right-click on WAN Miniport and delete the VPN.

  • Once done, the user can clean the device and reinstall the VPN again.