Troubleshoot the issue of Internet Explorer not working on Windows and iPhone

If you have got Windows as operating system in your laptop/computer and also have iPhone with you but each time you try to run internet explorer, you get the issue of internet explorer not working on iPhone and Windows as well, so, you need to troubleshoot the issue and for troubleshooting go through following article.

We have covered the troubleshooting steps on Windows operating system and iPhones respectively.

If you need to use Internet Explorer but unable to use it, and if you get the error Internet Explorer Not Working on Windows,

Try the following troubleshooting error to resolve the issue:

  1. Reset IP settings:

  2. Reset Internet Explorer settings.

> In the search bar type Command prompt and select the app Command Prompt.

> Type the following command :

netsh int ip reset.

Press enter

The above command results in a series of responses which end with OK! and a request is generated to restart the computer.

Type the following command at the command prompt screen:

netsh winsock reset.

Press Enter after printing this command.

When the command gets passed a message prompts up.

> Restart the computer.

> IP gets reset.

> Now, check if Internet Explorer works, if it does not, then, follow the next step.

3. Reset Internet Explorer settings:

> Type Internet Options in the search window.

> Click on Internet Options.

> Select the Advanced tab.

> Click on Reset.

> When completed above steps, shut down all Internet Explorer windows.

> Reopen Internet Explorer and check if internet explorer is working. If it does not still solve the issue why Internet Explorer Not Responding,

why Internet Explorer Not Responding

Then go to next troubleshooting steps:

4. Repair Internet Explorer:

> In the search bar, search for Command Prompt( Admin) from the menu.

> Another window prompting up User Account Control opens up.

> Click on Yes and allow Windows Command Processor to make changes in the device.

> Type the following line in the command line prompt:


> Press Enter.

> Click on Uninstall.

>Uninstall Internet Explorer. Install it again and check if Internet Explorer is working. Check if Internet Explorer works well.

How to Fix Internet Explorer Not Working on iphone

If you get the same trouble on your iphone and need to solve How to Fix Internet Explorer Not Working on iphone, go through following steps:

  1. Reboot the phone: Many a time this basic troubleshooting step works.

  2. Check if the Wi-Fi works well. Go to Settings then Wi-Fi and toggle the Wi-Fi switch and enable the feature if necessary.

  3. Disable any third party security software which has been installed on the iPhone .

  4. Reboot the modem: if you have connected your iPhone with modem and sometimes network glitches are the causes of internet explorer not working on iPhone, so, turn off the router. Power it on again after 30 seconds. Open a browser on your device and check if the internet explorer is working.

  5. Try following recovery steps:

  • Connect iPhone with the computer .

  • Open iTunes on the computer and wait until the computer recognizes the iPhone.

  • Select your iPhone from the list of devices shown .

  • Click on the option which backs up iPhone X to iCloud or iTunes, if necessary.

  • Click on Restore button.

  • Reset the device.

  • Click on Restore again and confirm action.

  • You need to wait till iTunes finishes downloading.

  • Now, install the new software for iPhone X.

  • Reboot the iPhone X .

  • Now, proceed with the initial setup process.

6. Check if iPhone is asking for the updates. If it is so, then, you need to do the updates as soon as possible as updating the operating system eliminates the bugs. If it does not prompt for update, you can check it manually:

  • Tap on Settings.

  • Tap on General.

  • Tap on Software update.

If the update is available, iPhone prompts up the message and backs up all important data for safekeeping. Proceed with file download and installation.

Go with above steps for Internet Explorer troubleshooting. These step by step troubleshooting methods help you to resolve the issue on internet explorer not working on iPhone or Windows. Sometimes due to delay in update of Internet Explorer itself may be the cause on Internet Explorer not working on any device, so, check for update and update the Explorer as soon as possible.