How to fix HP Printer Won't Print From Computer?

HP is the brand name for hardware devices. The commonly used HP devices are printers, laptops, computers, etc. Although the products of HP are widely used due to their compatibility and effective results, there are times when a user faces issue while using the device.


What to do if HP printer not printing from computer?

If a user has got a new HP printer and unable to print from computer, it might be due to the installation issues. To resolve the issue of HP printer won’t print from laptop, a user can first try installing the printer properly, as mentioned below:

  • Initially, the USB cable is unplugged from the printer.
  • Then, the user needs to go to Control panel option, then Programs and feature and after that all entries of HP printer are selected and uninstalled.
  • The computer is then restarted.
  • Once started, the user is required to select Device manager option in search box.
  • Under that, Show hidden devices is selected.
  • In device manager list, entries under Printer are selected. If there is any, they are uninstalled. 


Step to fix HP Printer Won't Print From Laptop

If still the issue is not resolved, a user can try out the basic solutions or fixes:

  • First step is to check the printer status. In this, user needs to check paper in the paper tray, ink or toner, levels of ink, etc.
  • For proper functioning, user is required to cancel all the jobs of HP printer.
  • By setting the HP printer as default printer.
  • Other than this, a user can go for the basic HP printer troubleshooting.


Contact HP Printer Technical Support

For other queries and issues, HP printer technical support can be contacted. They can be contacted via call, email or live chat. The technical executives in the support will serve the users with best assistance. The details of contact are available on the official website of HP.