How to fix hp printer error e4?

Printers have a huge importance in our daily life. However, it is a technical product that can introduce different errors. The most common one is the e4 error, in simple words, it is known as the paper jam issue. 


Are you facing a similar problem, and looking for how to fix HP printer e4 error? Then we have discussed some easy to direct methods. You can read them below and get rid of the problem. 


Ways To Fix e4 Error Promptly 


1.     Make Sure The Input Tray Is Clear 


It is very important to clear the tray before you move to the complex process. Very often, a paper causes the jam and introduces an e4 error. Besides the input tray, you have to take care of certain areas too, such as:


  • Output Tray 


  • Cartridge access area 


  • Underneath the printer 


Make sure these parts of the printer are clear enough. It is impossible to detect through the software, so you have to find the issue by own. 


2.     Remove the Ink mark 


Users often forget to clear the smears or ink mark from the system. It can affect the printer in multiple ways, like slow running process, e4 error, and low efficiency. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the ink marks from the system. 


  • Start the printer 


  • Put a paper in printer through an input tray


  • Press the power button for a few seconds 


  • Now, click on the cancel button and that must be done three times 


  • Now, press the color button eight times, now suddenly release the power button 


After performing these steps, you have to wait for a while or until the paper comes out from the printer


3.     Paper Roller Must Be Clear 


There is much small debris or dust that is stuck in the paper roller and fails to come out. To clean the paper roller, you have to run the manual process. 


  • Disconnect all the power source of the printer 


  • Raise the Input tray or top of the printer 


  • You need a flashlight to detect the gray pick rollers


  • Now, take a light wet cloth, clean the rollers. Make sure you are not putting a large pressure on it


  • You have to clean the roller for at least 4 to 5 minutes


Now, most people instantly turn on the system without letting it dry. It may cause some more issues. So it would be better if you leave the system for 10 minutes. After this, you can turn on the system and check whether the printer is working or not. 


These are the ways through which you can manage hp printer error e4 issues fast. Still, if you are facing troubles, then call out to the HP customer support team.