How To Resolve Hp Laserjet Pro m1132 Error E8

These day scanners carry huge importance in our daily life. Among them, the HP Laserjet pro is quite famous for its work. Though facing technical issues with tech products is common, and you can effortlessly manage them. 


If you are seeing an E8 error light, then there must be an issue with the carriage. It is quite common and can be caused due to software or hardware. It is a bit hard to find, but if you are looking for how to resolve HP Laserjet pro m1132 error e8 then we have covered some steps below. Here you can perform some basic techniques that can help you to fix this issue promptly. 


Different Ways To Solve Hp Laserjet Pro m1132 Error E8


1.    Remove The Dust In Sensitive Mechanical Parts 


As we have mentioned earlier that e8 errors occur because of the issues related to the carriage. So, before you move to the complex method, you should try this one. Jam of carriage can occur due to the wear or tear down of the parts. 


It happens because of the accumulation of the dust particle in parts. You can clean them with any soft cloth and make sure you do not break the sensitive parts. 


2.    Reinstall The Ink Cartridge 


Continuously using ink cartridges can cause e8 errors. If there is any leakage, then it may stop working. It is quite common and happens with most of the printer. For this, the user should clean the ink cartridge in a certain period. 


It also makes the whole printing process easy and clean. So to clean, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. 


  • First, put HP laser on the safe and smooth surface


  • Now, remove the printer cover. Here you have to remove covers, first one is the upper one and the second is the inner one 


  • Go for the printer roller and unclip it from both sides 


  • Take a soft cloth and clean the roller and sides of the cartridge, and do not push the cloth too hard 


  • Once you clean it, then reinstall it again, and clip the inner and outer cover 


  • Whenever you do this process, make sure nuts should be taken out carefully. You must remember where you have to use it 


  • Now, restart the printer again, and if it still problem persist, then follow the next method


3.    Remove The Power Chord 


No doubt, you need a strong connection. It might happen that HP Laserjet is not receiving the power as per the requirements. You can unplug all the connections and connect them again. Make sure you place the wire in places where fewer people passing off. 


There will several connections including internet and computer connection. So here you have to remember that each chord is placed at the right place. 


These methods can help you to fix hp Laserjet pro m1132 error e8 quickly. It might happen that there will be issues related to software and complex hardware. To manage such a situation, you can interact with HP Laserjet live support team. They offer 24-hour assistance and prompt services.