Get the easy recovery for Your Yahoo email account & Password!

Yahoo is a web based email service provider or search engine as well which is sued for sending and receiving mail .It provides fastest mail service to its user.The headquarter of Yahoo is at Sunnyvale ,California from where it operates its services.When you use yahoo then it may be hacked by someone.You need to fix this issue.

How to recover hacked yahoo account ?

If your yahoo account has been hacked then you can not use this account.To access Yahoo account ,you need to recover it.

Step1: Open the browser then search for yahoo websites.

Step2: Click on the sign in option which is at the upper right corner of the page.

Step3: Here you will have to click on the “ i can not access my account”.

Step4: Now select the option such as “i have a problem with my password or i have forgotten my email id” or “my account has been compromised’.

Step5: After that make a request.

Step6: Now choose the recovery option such as alternate email id option or phone number option.

Step7: Tehn create a new password.

Step8: Here are the steps given below to use the recovery option.

I sure your Yahoo mail account is easily recover if not or facing some technical error than contact Yahoo account recovery phone number.

How to recover Yahoo password?

If you have forgotten your Yahoo account password then you need to recover it.Here are some steps given below for Yahoo password recovery phone number.

You need a look on these steps:

Step1: Go to the login page of Yahoo.

Step2: Here you need to click on the Yahoo page.

Step3: Then enter the email id of yahoo account and password.

Step4: If you do not know the password of Yahoo account then click on the”forgot password” option.

Step5: You will have to choose the option to recover the password.

Step6: If you want to recover the password with the help of phone number.

Step7: Then you need to enter the phone number which you have entered at the time of account creation of Yahoo account.

Step8: After that yahoo will send a verification code on that number,make sure this number is working.

Step9: After getting the verification code ,you need to note down this code.

Step10: Then enter this code in the given field.

Step11: Once you enter the code then you will have to click on the continue option,

Step12: You will be move to the Yahoo recovery page.

Step13: Here you need to enter the new password.

Step14: Then enter this password again.

Step15: After that your account will be open.

I hope you can follow these steps and recover your yahoo password, But some users face issue in this situation dial Forgot yahoo mail password number.

How to reset Yahoo password without phone number?

If you did not registered your phone number at the time of account creation then you may recover the Yahoo account password by using another methods.We are describing some steps to fix this issue.

You need to follow the given below steps:

Step1: Open the Yahoo official websites then enter the email id and password.

Step2: If you do not know the password then select the “forgot password” option

Step3: Then enter the alternate mail id which have entered at the time of account creation.

Step4: Open your email id then you will get a link on that email id.

Step5: Click on the link ,after that you will be move to the yahoo recovery page.

Step6: Here you need to enter the password for twice.

Now, your password is easily reset without phone number

How to recover Yahoo password without any security question?

If you are still getting any issue How to recover Yahoo password without security question then you do not need to be more panic,just need to take help from yahoo support technician will provide you the best guidance to solve all the issues.They will be more happy to support you.