How to reset MSN Password?

MSN is the famous web portal as well as the related collection of all the internet services that you have to use if you are using some windows app or the service. So this is one of the service of the Microsoft and hence it explains the worthyness of the services that comes under it. Now in order to use this service you have to create a microsoft account and that is not even a tough process you just have to open the official site and then move ahead to enter the information followed by entering a valid email ID.

Now once you become a successful user of the MSN then you will feel that this is the best service that you can get but there may occur few issues while you use it. The things that you have to keep in your mind is that these things are not that big that you can can panic in this situation. But you just need to have the right set of steps to resolve the issues.


How to recover MSN password?

Now just think of a situation where you can not use your account since you have forgot the password then in that case you simply have to follow the below written steps:-

Step1: In order to reset the password you have to first of all go to the reset your password page of the msn.

Step2: Followed by choosing the reason that you have in order to reset the password.

Step3: So once you select that then you have to simply enter the microsoft account email address that you wish to reset.

Step4: Followed by entering the characters that you see on the screen after that you just have to press the next button.

Step5: Once you do so then you have to get a one time code on to the alternate email address or the password that you have set for your account.

Step6: You need to enter that code and then you will be forwarded to a page where you can simply set a new pasword for your account in just no time.


How to reset msn password?

Now just in case you have not lost your password but you wants to change it due to some other reasons like the security then the method of doing so is completely different:-

Step1: In order to change the password you have to first of all login to your account with the valid credentials i.e your msn email address as well as the password.

Step2: Once you do so then you simply have to go to the profile section followed by moving ahead to the settings option.

Step3: As you do so then you just have to go to the password section followed by setting a new password for yourself.

Step4: Once you do that then you have to confirm the password by typing it again followed by tapping on save button.

Now by doing so the password will be changed but just in case you feel that you are not able to do as written above or you have some other issues that you are not able to solve then in that case you need not have to panic since you can simply call on the MSN password recovery phone number to get the help.