How can you recover the Dropbox password without email

Dropbox mail is an online file hosting application issued by an American company called the Dropbox. And by signing up for it, you can use it for exchanging emails or sending files. 


A problem in signing in the Dropbox mail 


Dropbox mails work just like any other mail app and hence most of the users facing issues while using the Dropbox mail are like any other common mail error. One of the most common issues faced by the users is facing issues is forgetting a password or not being able to log in to the account. And there are a few steps that you can follow as to how to recover Dropbox password without email


Ways to access the password of Dropbox password 


Sometimes users are not able to access their passwords because of an issue with the email address. If you are facing a similar problem then follow below given methods. 


Sign in with the password 


Often the users forget their email usernames but remember the password. Hence, in that case, you can easily use your password to sign in the account. And once done, immediately change your email username. Moreover, if your account says there is a password error t

then try to recover the account. And if you are not able to then you won't be able to get access to your account. 


Contact your email service provider 


If you remember neither the email username nor the password then, in this case, you can contact your email service provider for help. In this scenario where you don't remember any detail related to your account then only the email service provider has the authorization to regain access to your account. Note that Dropbox mail is not the Esp hence you have to do that on your own. 


Try resetting your account on a linked device 


1.In case of not being able to recover the lost account or not having any details, try below-given steps.


2.First of all, try signing in your Dropbox mail with the help of the password you remember the last. 


3Now if you are still not able to sign in then scroll down and click on 'i don't remember password' and click on that link. 


4.Click yes first and then tap on send notifications. This will send notifications to all your linked devices with the account 


5.As you see the notification on your device, tap on the details. 


6.if you are using a mobile then tap on yes and if you are trying to recover your lost password on a computer then tap on continue. 


7.Enter your new email address and tap on the submit option. 


8.Having finished, you will receive a new password link on your email address. Tap on reset password and enter a new password and confirm it. 


And you are done! Now your email address will be switched to the new account username and password. 


Things to keep in mind while resetting the account 


1.Next time to avoid this situation, try to note down your username and password so that if you forget it, you will be able to remember it. 


2.Try changing the password once in a while to avoid anyone hacking your account. 


3.Never share your password with anyone and also try not to repeat any old passwords. 


4.Try keeping the password simple but a little different so that nobody can predict it. 


And hence you are done with the methods of how to recover Dropbox password. If none of the methods work then contact the customer care team. They work 24x7 and can easily be reached out through mail and call.