How to Fix Juno Email Account Problems?

Sometimes our Juno email might stop working. We might face issues like our account freezes, or we are unable to send or receive emails. We might also face login issues. This can cause a lot of difficulty and make us wonder How to Fix If Juno Email Not Working? If you want to know how to fix these issues in Juno mail then you can keep on reading this blog.

How to Fix If Juno Email Not Working?

1. Cache

If your Juno email often freezes or crashes, then you can fix it by deleting the cache and cookies. Malicious cache can prevent the email from responding. You can go to the setting and delete the cache from there. You can also delete the browsing history as this will create more space and clear unwanted tabs.

2. Internet connection

 Another reason why your Juno email might not be working could be poor internet connection. Check if the internet is working properly and if your connection is stable. You can load few pages on your browser to check this. If they do not load then your internet is not be working. You can restart it or contact your network provider.

3. Details

Make sure you are entering the correct information of your account. Sometimes you might be entering incorrect password or email which can cause login problems. If you don’t remember your details then you can do Juno account recovery.

4. Configuration

It might also be possible that your account or email is not configured properly because of which email is not working. Check the configuration by going to the mail icon.

  • Open POP/IMAP option.
  • Enter your ID and password.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Enter POP server “pop.Juno.Com” and SMTP server “smtp.Juno.Com”
  • Check if the incoming server port number is 995 and outgoing server port number as 465.
  • Select the security type as SSL.
  • Save the settings.


For Instant Help, Conatct Technical Support

Try these methods and see if the issue is solved. If not then you can contact the Juno Email Technical Support. Thy will provide you reliable solutions as they are highly skilled and trained.