iPhone Not Ringing? Get The Best Solution In An Easy Format

iPhone is an amazing electronic device, designed and developed by the Apple Inc. It is configured with multiple apps and offers salient features to the users. iPhone went for multiple versions and the current one has updated features. To access the entire elements of iPhone, Apple ID is required.

Generally, the update is very important due to this, the new feature of apps are installed and hence you can access the same. But, sometimes the updates creates a problem too. Some of them are mentioned below with the solution.

iPhone Ringtone Not Working:

  • Actually, in this problem users reported that the ringtone is not working after updating iPhone to the new version and the symptoms are iPhone not ringing, assigned ringtone not working, etc. so you can resolve such issue through multiple ways.

  • First of all, check the Sound setting and for the same, go to the Setting section and tap on Sound and then adjust the volume.

  • If your phone is in Mute Mode, then make sure to keep it in the Ringing Mode.

  • Restart may fix the issue, so try this option too.

  • Check your speaker, might be the fault is at the speaker end, so play the music and if you can hear it then your speaker is in good condition.

The last option, you have to wait for the bugs to be fixed in the current version or else you can contact to the iPhone Technical Support. The support team will provide you the effective solution of this issue and guidance is best at its par 1-855-925-7079. So be in touch with them to resolve this issue.