How To Fix Hp Printer Error c4eba341

HP is one of the finest and most reputed names in the world of printing machine manufacturing. In the modern times, the printer devices are not only used for printing papers, but also they let you scan and fax. When it comes to HP printers, they are as reliable as other devices manufactured by HP. However, keeping in the nature of machines, there’s no doubt that even reliable devices such as HP printers can be prone to errors. Besides, as printer technology is evolving day-by-day, the number of errors are also increasing.

In addition, when it comes to the newer models of HP printers, the occurrence of error such as hp printer error c4eba341 is quite common. There are number of users who have been complaining about the error c4eba341. Now, if you are also a HP printer user and have been facing the c4eba341, then worry not as this post will help you to fix it and the additional info that you should now about the error.

Why The Error C4eba341 Happens To HP Printers: Reasons

The prime reason for the occurrence of the error c4eba341 is the issues with ink cartridge. Mostly the error happens when the ink cartridge is not able to move or work smoothly. In fact, the ink cartridge improper movement can happen if the cartridge is not installed perfectly. This can also cause the error c4eba341 in any HP printer.

Moreover, some of the additional reasons that may cause the hp printer error c4eba341 are lost or damaged CD drivers, broken or damaged printer, printer cable is not working, among another technical fault with the printer.  


HP Printer Error C4eba341: Methods


Cold Reset The HP Printer


·         Turn on your HP printer, then hit the power button to turn it on, and then if the printer is in the sleep mode.

·         Next, remove the power cable from the back of HP printer, then unplug it from the divider outlet, and then wait for at least 60 seconds.

·         Finally, connect the power string to the divider outlet, and then turn on the printer.


Warm Up The HP Printer


·         At first, connect the power cable of your HP printer directly to the wall power outlet, then connect the other end to the rear space of the printer.

·         Switch on the HP printer, then your printer should warm-up, and the lights should start flashing.

·         Next, the print carriage should move for a while and if the HP printer is working perfectly then you’ll need to keep it into an idle state.

The next step is to print a test document and see if the hp printer error c4eba341 is fixed.


Recover The Registry File: msvcp90d.dll


·         Initially, look for the msvcp90d.dll file in your computer’s registry, if can’t find It, then look for it in the ‘Recycle Bin’.

·         Next, when you find it, then right-click on it, and select ‘Restore.’

·         Now, check the .dll file in the registry, then reboot your computer device, and print a test document from your HP printer.


Reinstall The HP Printer Driver


·         In your PC, select the “HP” folder from your desktop screen, then look for your printer’s name and model number in the search section.

·         Select the printer details, then right-click on it to select “Uninstall.”

·         Reboot PC after the driver uninstallation, and then navigate to HP Customer Support.

·         Select ‘Software and Driver Downloads’, then click on ‘Printer’ and search for your printer model number.

·         Select Submit, then select the default operating system from the next window, and then click on ‘Download’ button next to the HP Easy Start option.

·         After the software is downloaded on your computer, begin with its installation process, then navigate through the onscreen prompts to set up the printer connection and for software installation.

·         At last, reboot the system and try printing a test document from your HP printer.


Therefore, you should be able to troubleshoot the error c4eba341 in your HP printer without any hassle. However, if not, then feel free to get in touch with the tech-experts and get proper assistance on how to fix hp printer error c4eba341.