How to Fix Google Chrome Not Responding?

Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used and a fast web browser that loads and then display the pages very quickly. The users may drag the tabs into separate windows and then drag them back again in the windows without facing any difficulty and issue. Google Chrome can be easily used by the users. It has user friendly features. Google Chrome has a good user interface and a simple design which makes it compatible and easy to use as well.


How to fix Google Chrome Not Working?

Though Google Chrome is easy to use and the advanced user friendly features embedded makes it popular. But at times, the users may face the issue of Google Chrome Not Working. When such an issue arises, then the users may follow the steps stated below:

Method 1: Checking whether Google Chrome is up to date or not:

The users must check that the installed version of Google Chrome is updated. The user may follow these steps:

  • The users may take a look at the three bars present right at the top-right of the window.
  • Then the user needs to click on the bars.
  • Then the user needs to select the option of Update Google Chrome
  • Doing this restart the browser and then install the update.
  • When the browser restarts, then Google Chrome will also get updated.

Method 2: Checking the task manager of Google Chrome:

The users may close the task manager in order to close the programs that are open or to check that which programs are open and how much memory is being used.

  • The user may press Shift + Esc.
  • Then the user may open the Chrome Task Manager which presents all the desired information on open tabs.

Method 3: Closing the tab:

The users may close the tab in order to fix the issue. Often an error message appears and the page gets crashed or there is some issue while loading the page.

  • The user may select the URL.
  • Then the user needs to copy it using Ctrl + C and then refresh the page.

Method 4: Restarting Google Chrome:

The users may restart Google Chrome in order to fix the issue.

  • The users can press + F4 on Windows to quit.
  • If the user in on Mac, then the user needs to right click on the Chrome icon at the bottom of the screen in order to close it.

Method 5: Deleting the cache and other browser data:

The users may delete the cache by the steps listed below:

  • The user needs to click on the l three horizontal bars in the top-right of the browser.
  • Under Tools, the user needs to select Clear Browsing Data.
  • The users may then press Clear browsing data.
  • The user may the restart Chrome.

Method 6: Scanning the system for the removal of malware:

If the user face some issues in fixing the issue of Google Chrome not working, then the users may contact Google Chrome Customer Service for fixing the issues faced by the users.


Why Google Chrome Not Opening on Windows 10?

Google Chrome may not work due the following stated reasons:

  1. Presence of Malware: The spams and other malware and viruses may cause the issue of Google Chrome to crash down or to work slowly.

  2. Cached data: The cached data stored in Google CHrome may cause hindrance in the working of Google Chrome. The problem may be caused by some app that has been installed or by the data that the Chrome stores for future use.The users may delete the cached data and the browsing data including the history and cookies.

The users may dial Google Chrome Helpline Number in order to talk to the technical experts for availing instant solution to fix the issues.


Technical Glitches faced by the users of Google Chrome:

The users might face the below listed issues while using Google Chrome:

  • The issue of touch screen not working while using Google Chrome.
  • The issue of Chrome not getting started after Windows 10 Upgrade.
  • The issue of Google Chrome running slow.
  • The users may face the issue of font change in Chrome after upgrading to Windows 10.