Iphone is basically the device that has proved to an alluring one which could satisfy all the needs that you have with a  mobile device. It comes with a  number of features that will  give you all the facilities. Now think of a situation where you have invested a  lot in the apple device and now your device is not working properly since you it demands the reset of the device then in that case you have to first of all go for knowing the steps that are written below:

  •  Here you have to  note that if you are looking for the method by which you can restart the iphone then you can simply do it by the help of  the controlling buttons.

  •  So in case you want to do the force reboot of the iphone then you just have to press the power button.

  •  As you do so you will be able  to do the hard reset of the iphone, so for that you just need to go  to the home button  that is easily located at the bottom of the screen of the iphone.

  •  After that you just have  to use the  volume button that  is located on the up or the down of the device.

  •  Now one you know all the buttons then you  just need  to start the process by pressing the power button, you need to do it till the time a slider appears on your screen.

  •  After that you just need to drag the slider so that you can turn off the phone, here you need to wait for sometime so that you can wait for a while so that the phone could vibrate and then turn off.

  •  Now you have to see that when the device gets turn off then you just need to hold the power button so that you can see the apple logo.

  •  Now there comes many times that you need  to  force restart your device.

  •  For that you just have to hold the power button and then you just have to press the volume down button.

  •  Here you have to note that you keep on holding both the buttons for around 10 seconds  so that the screen could go black for another few seconds.

Now just in case you feel any other issue then you can simply choose the take the help from the techies of the company by calling on the iphone technical support.