How Do I Fix Apple Id Verification Failed

Several Apple users have reported the failed verification error when they are trying to access their iCloud or iTunes account on any of the Apple devices. The error message says that the verification is failed and there is some error connecting to Apple ID server. Due to this error, many users check for their credentials, if they have entered incorrect details. But, most of the time it is not related to username and password. To fix this error, you can use the details provided in this article.


Fixes For How To Fix Apple Id Verification Failed


While performing these steps, you must ensure that the same order is followed. If you don't have any clue about how do I fix Apple ID verification failed error, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Apple servers- Before doing any troubleshooting, you must ensure that Apple servers are working fine. For this, you can go to Apple System Status page and check if any issues are there.

Check your internet connectivity- You need to make sure that your Apple device is connected to the internet. Whether you are using Wi-Fi or cellular data, it must be fast to load the pages properly. For this, you can try turning off and on the airplane mode of the device.

Restart the device- Sometimes, restarting the device is very effective in fixing the issue. You can simply restart the device and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Update your device- You need to ensure that your device is up to date. For this, you need to check for the latest and available versions of Apple devices. Whether it is an iOS or Mac device, you must update it.

Sign-out and sign-in- You can also try signing out of your Apple account and sign-in again after some time. This simple signing-out can fix the issue.

Date and time- You must check for the date and time of the Apple device. If the date and time are incorrect, you cannot use the Apple ID. So, for the proper working of the device and applications, you must set the clock and calendar properly.

Verification code- Sometimes you can use the verification code for signing-in to the account. With this, your identity will be verified. It will help you when you have logged in through more than one Apple device.

VPN- In some cases, the issue is faced when the VPN is connected. So, you can try disconnecting the VPN from the device and then check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Turn off the content blockers- You might have enabled the content blockers on your device for the security purposes. When there is a verification issue of the Apple ID, you must try turning off the content blockers.


If you are still facing any issue or want to know more about how to fix apple id verification failed, you can contact the support team of Apple. The technical executives of Apple are available 24x7 for all kinds of assistance related to the services of Apple. All the contact info is available in the contact section of Apple web page.