How to recover Hotmail password

Hotmail is a popular EMail service which has millions of users around the world as its customers. Since its inception, Hotmail has upgraded itself and transformed with new features. Some of the flabbergasting features of Hotmail are:

  • New Inbox View: The new look and feel feature of the Inbox enhances user experience with the Hotmail service. Besides, automatically generated filters have been added which find what really interests you.

  • View Share and Edit Docs: You can access MS Office web apps. Web apps are the online MS apps that you can use to view, edit and share office documents without downloading it. All you need to do Email the offline document to yourself and edit it anywhere you want to

  • Real Time Document Collaboration: If your peer is not together and needs to do the work simultaneously, you can do it easily in the Hotmail.You can do it through Skydrive, all you need to do is click on the document that is needed to be worked upon.

The document should be present on the Skydrive of the sender of the document and everyone who is editing it online can see each other’s status at the bottom right hand corner,

And can instantly check changes made by the team members.

  • One Click Filter: Hotmail has introduced one click filter options in the new version of Hotmail which allows a user to filter emails with social updates, emails from regular contacts and from groups easily.

  • Quick Views: Suppose your requirement is to only check emails with images. You can do it by clicking on the “Photos” link given on the left pane. Similarly, click on “Documents” to see all the mails with attached documents.

But, if you have forgot your hotmail password or unable to access your account due to any reason,

Then, go through the following steps to recover your account:

  • Go to the password reset page.

  • You will get "I forgot my password" box, check on this.

  • Click Next.

  • On next page, enter your recovery EMail address, this is an alternate EMail address that you had set during account creation.

  • A code will be sent to your EMail ID from hotmail.

  • Enter the recovery code in the space provided on the recovery page of hotmail. This directs you to the password reset page.

  • On the password reset page, type new password into the “New Password” and “Re-enter Password” fields and then, click Next.

  • By clicking Next, you will be directed to the Sign-in page.

By following the above mentioned method you can reset hotmail password.

To recover hotmail password follow the above mentioned steps.

If someone has hacked into your account, then , you need to reset the password as now your account is vulnerable, so, to make your account secure you can reset Hotmail password.

If stuck somewhere or need assistance regarding recovery of your account, then, you may contact the customer support by dialing Hotmail Password Recovery Phone Number.