Hotmail not receiving emails

Are you not receiving emails? Keep your worries away if your Hotmail account is not receiving emails from a particular user or a group of users. Here are some genuine and widely followed ways that can help you in dealing with the concerned problem. All the given methods are easy to follow and less time-consuming. Saving sender’s email address is the first one as per our experts. So, we are going to discuss the steps here. Be with us if you are raising the issue as Hotmail not receiving emails on my server. We will also discuss some of the positive aspects of Hotmail tech support.


Save the sender's address

  • Open web browser and type this link in its browsing field
  • Now you need to make sign into your account
  • Go to the top right corner of screen
  • Click on SETTINGS and select OPTIONS
  • A list will open where you will get an option as JUNK EMAIL
  • Navigate to JUNK EMAIL and select SAFE SENDERS
  • Here you need to enter a sender or domain here
  • Click on the PLUS icon
  • Save changes by clicking on SAVE icon


Re-register with a non-Hotmail email address


Hotmail doesn’t allow the companies to email any user unless they pay for this facility. That’s why; making re-registration with a non-Hotmail email address is a genuine way to deal with the concerned problem. However, these steps are going to help you in dealing with the concerned issue.

  • Open web browser and log into your Hotmail Account
  • Add the email address of the particular sender to your Contacts list
  • Click on OPTIONS
  • Go to the left side of the page and click on MAIL
  • Here you need to click on JUNK E-MAIL PROTECTION AND SAFE LIST
  • Plus, type the domain used by the sender
  • Click on ADD
  • You will receive the emails sent by that particular user once you add the sender to your Safe List

The process of receiving emails may take some time. Wait some minutes and check your inbox. If you have not received any email from that particular sender, you are suggested to check the basic preferences for making sure you are not filtering too much mail.

  • Open web browser and log into your Hotmail Account
  • Click on OPTIONS
  • Now you need to click on JUNK E-MAIL PROTECTION
  • Select JUNK E-MAIL FILTER and make sure that your filter is set to low
  • It will stop Hotmail from deleting your wanted emails

We recommend you making a conversation with the tech support engineers of Hotmail if none of the given methods doesn’t settle your problem. Hotmail has a support department which is filled with specially trained technical support engineers. It is useful for you if you want to know how to fix Hotmail not receiving emails on iPhone. The Hotmail engineers are highly experienced and committed to delivering the best-in-class support services. They are not making any sort of compromises in serving the email account users.


How to contact Hotmail technical support?

If you have a question related to the email receiving from Yahoo or Google, you are recommended to get in touch with the tech support engineers hired by Hotmail. The Hotmail professionals are hired as per international recruitment policies and known for their honest work ethics. They have been putting their best efforts in satisfying the globally spread users. Simply dial the helpdesk number and ask why Hotmail not receiving emails from Yahoo. Or you can drop your message to email support or chat support department.