How to fix Google Drive Not Syncing.

Google drive is used by a lot of people to sync all the files and folders of their device to keep them properly. Google drive sometime show syncing issue with computer or android device that may occur due to various software issues. If you are also dealing with Google drive not syncing problem and looking for solutions to fix it then you are welcome here. Ways to fix Google drive not syncing with android or computer are discussed below.


What are the ways to fix Google drive sync issue?

Google Drive will automatically harmonize all your files and folders. It can work hard in a blue moon once. Once on a blue moon. For example, they don't seem to appear on your computer while you are downloading or sharing files.


Google drive not syncing android

Check internet connection

Check the steps given below to make sure that internet is not causing Google drive sync issue:

  • Always use Wi Fi connection rather than mobile data to sync Google drive with android and check that connection is stable
  • Make sure that you have enabled Google drive sync on your android device
  • Disable to transfer file only over WiFi in case you want to use mobile data for syncing

Update Google drive app

To update Google drive app follow the steps given below:

  • Open play store of your android
  • Choose My Apps & Games option
  • Then see available Google drive update
  • Click to download and install Google drive update in your device


Google drive not syncing with computer

Pause sync

Try to fix Google drive sync issue by pausing and then restarting it with the help of steps given below:

  • Tap Backup and Sync icon from your computer screen
  • To reveal hidden option tap arrow button
  • Then click three dots and pause option will show up
  • Wait for a while after pausing then click resume button

Reinstall Google drive sync

Follow the steps given below to reinstall Google backup and sync on your computer:

  • Press windows and I key at the same time to open windows settings
  • Click Apps then choose Apps & Features option and type sync in search bar
  • Then click to uninstall sync & backup from your system
  • After this again download Google drive sync and then install on your computer


Contact Google customer support team for help if Google drive is still not syncing with your device.