How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working?

Google is the best service provider on the internet. All the applications, services and products of Google are widely used across the world due to its security and authenticity.

Although Google is being used everywhere due to its compatibility with all the operating systems and browsers, there may be times when the user faces issue with Google. The user can check the issues of chrome browser i.e. whether it is blocked by an antivirus or any other application in the computer system. The commonly faced issues are chrome not working, crashes or not opening up. In order to How to fix Google chrome Not Responding or Not Opening a user can carry out some fixes.


Reason For Google Chrome Not Working

  • Poor or no web availability 
  • A lot of aggregation of the store, treats, and history in the program 
  • Program isn't refreshed to the most recent release 
  • The program may not be getting perfect with the administration you might be attempting to access in it


What to do if Google chrome has stopped working or not working properly?

Common fixes

  • The issue might be coming up due to the memory of the system, i.e. the memory might be running out. For this, the user needs to free up some memory so that Google chrome could be properly used.
  • The user can try restarting the chrome browser by closing all other tabs, extensions and applications.
  • If it does not work, the option of restarting the computer is there. The user can simply restart the computer and try loading the webpage on Google chrome.

Troubleshooting steps

  • The cause of issue could be the malware in computer system. For that, the user needs to check the malware and should be deleted.
  • The user can try opening the page in another browser to check whether the web address is faulty or the browser. If it works in other browser, the Google chrome needs to be uninstalled from the computer. It can be reinstalled after some time. It might resolve the issue.
  • The issue might be coming up due to internet connectivity. The internet issues can only be resolved by contacting the internet service provider or restarting the modem.
  • It might be possible that the issue is due to unwanted or unused apps in computer. So, it should be deleted from the system.

Fixes for chrome not opening

  • The user is required to check if chrome is already open. It can be checked in the task manager. If it is there, the process should be ended.
  • The malware and antivirus should be disabled if it is not allowing the Google chrome to open up.
  • The user can try restarting the computer or by uninstalling and reinstalling the chrome, as it might resolve the issue.


Google Chrome is Not Opening - Step by Step Solutions

If your Google chrome browser has stopped working and you don’t know how to fix it. You can go through the solutions given below and try to fix this problem yourself:

  1. The first thing you can do is close your chrome browser and open it again. If still not working turn off your computer and restart, then try again to open Google chrome browser.
  2. Google chrome not working error can also be solved by closing all the other apps and programs open in your system to free up the memory of your PC. As this can also prevent Google chrome from working properly.
  3. Some unwanted software in your computer also prevents Chrome to open find such malware and delete them.
  4. Sometimes Chrome is not opening because it is already opened in the background. You can open the task manager by pressing Ctrl Esc and Shift together and force close the Chrome browser from there.
  5. You have to open your anti-virus and check that whether it is not preventing Chrome browser from opening as sometimes anti-virus in your system block the browser from opening.
  6. If still Google chrome not working you must uninstall it then download the latest version of Google chrome available. Install it to your PC once download is complete. And then open the browser hopefully this time it will open and work properly.
  7. Check your internet settings and network issues that may also cause the problem. Reset your internet device and try again to open Google chrome browser.
  8. If you are not able to understand and apply Google Chrome has stopped working solution by yourself you can contact Google customer service and ask the customer service representative to help you to resolve this issue.


For more help, Contact Technical Support

To get any help, the technical support of Google can be contacted using the contact info available on Google’s official page.