How to fix gmail temporary error 404?

Gmail has a worldwide user base and people have been using it since a very long time. This is the reason that they often face issues while using it. However, these issues are mostly temporary and can resolve themselves. Gmail error 404 is another temporary issue that has been faced by lots of users in the recent times. So what is this Gmail error 404 and how does it affect your Gmail account?

A Quick On How To Fix Gmail Error 404

In simple words, this error does not let you to access your account for a while. However, the information and data saved in your account will remain safe. You can easily try signing into your account afterwards. But if the problem still persists than you might wonder what are the steps to fix Gmail temporary error 404. Hence, this article will save you the trouble for searching solution online.


Steps To Fix Gmail Error 404

Following are the main reasons that might cause occurrence error 404 into your account.

  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Excess browser cache
  • Too much extensions installed on your browser


Therefore, follow the steps below to delete cache files in your browser. The steps described here only apply to the Chrome browser. You can follow the onscreen instructions related to the steps given here in your respective browser.

  • Click on the 3-vertical dots on the top right section
  • Select history from the menu and then click on the “Clear browsing data” option on the left
  • Switch to the Advanced tab and then deselect all the option except Cached images and files
  • Click on the Clear data button to remove them
  • Now try re-launch your Chrome to see if it works


Steps to remove unnecessary extensions

  • Navigate to the Chrome settings
  • Click on the extensions from the lest pane
  • Now, you’ll see all the extensions installed into your browser
  • Remove or disable all the unnecessary extensions and then re-launch your Chrome

Hence, you should be able to access your Gmail account now. However, if you are still wondering how do I fix error code 404 in Gmail account? Even after following the aforementioned steps then you must contact to the Google customer services.