Now Send The Emails Through Gmail In An Effective Way- Get SMTP Settings In Step Wise Format

To send the email successfully, you may need the correct SMTP setting. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol denoted as SMTP and it allows the users to send the email to other Webmail clients. SMTP differs for the different Web Clients.

If you are a Gmail users and need the SMTP setting, then follow the instructions listed below:

  • First of all, Go to the Account Section of the Gmail.
  • Click on the Email Server Setting and select POP3 and IMAP Server setting.
  • Select the IMAP and under the Incoming Mail Server, enter your username, password and in the section of the server, enter
  • The port number should be 993.
  • Make Sure to Enable the SSL security mode.
  • For the Outgoing Mail server (SMTP), enter username, password and under the server section, enter
  • Keep the port number as 587.
  • For security protection, enable the TLS/SSL.

While making changes in the Email Server Setting, make sure to enter all the details in a correct way, if any data is missing, then you may encounter the issue and won't be able to send the emails. To prevent any issue, enter the entire details in a regular format.

Access Gmail account to share relevant information:

Gmail account is one of the most important email accounts that help users to send vital information across different email accounts. The users may access the installed features of their Gmail account so as to send and receive email accounts. A lot of information can be send across different email accounts with the help of Gmail account. Gmail account is one of the most authenticated way of sharing information in an authorised way.

Significance of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an important way that helps in email transmission. SMTP helps the users to send emails to different email accounts. Mail clients can submit their outgoing emails to a mail server on their specified ports.

Get the latest updates on knowing how to enable SMTP mail with Gmail account:

The steps to enable SMTP mail with Gmail account are listed here. The instructions are listed here. The users needs to dial Gmail Helpline Number so as to contact the well experienced technical experts for resolving the issues and technical glitches. By dialing Gmail Helpline Number, the users may contact the well qualified and certified professionals to fix the issues that they are facing.

Step 1: Enabling SMTP mail with Gmail account:

All the steps to enable SMTP for Gmail Account are easy and can be easily executed without facing any technical glitches.

  • Visiting the settings section is the first steps to follow.
  • Under the settings section, the user needs to click on the "Gears" icon and select the "Settings" option.
  • Clicking on the  "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" option is the next step.
  • Finally, the user needs to enable the option of  "IMAP Access" and/or "POP Download".

These set of instructions will assist in enabling SMTP with Gmail. By executing these steps, the users will be able to enable SMTP settings with Gmail.

Step 2: Enabling Third-Party Mail Clients: 

It may happen that Google may block third-party mail clients like that of  Outlook, Thunderbird, MailList Controller or any other.

  • The user needs to visit .
  • The users may visit this page that contains a link in order to enable "Less secure apps" in MyAccount.
  • The users may also enable "Less secure apps" (third-party mail clients) from: "MyAccount" option.
  • After this, the user needs to choose the option stating Sign-in & security.
  • Here, the user needs to select the option of Connected apps & sites.
  • Thereafter the user may choose the option stating allow less secure apps.

Step 3: Entering information about the ports in the field:

In order to enable SMTP email account with Gmail account, the user needs to enter the details that are listed below. The Gmail SMTP Settings are specified here. The users may enter the following information in the SMTP account settings of the mail client:               

  • Server:
  • Encryption/Authentication: SSL
  • Port: 465

Also, the information includes entry in the following format.                      

  • Server:
  • Encryption/Authentication: StartTLS
  • Port: 587

Settings for Gmail IMAP Server:                       

The user needs to enter the following information in the IMAP account settings of the mail client. Here are the details and IMAP settings so as to enable IMAP with Gmail account.

  • Server:
  • Encryption/Authentication: SSL
  • Port: 993
  • Username: Gmail email address
  • Password:  account password            

Settings to enable Gmail POP3 Server:

The user needs to enter the following information in the POP account settings of the mail client. The Gmail POP3 settings are mentioned here:            

  • Server:
  • Encryption/Authentication: SSL
  • Port: 995
  • Username: Gmail email address
  • Password:  account password

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