How to Fix facebook error code 2?

Facebook in today’s time doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Almost all the users these days are addicted to Facebook which is one of the most popular social media sites these days. Since a lot of people use Facebook which is also equally popular, hence there are chances that sometimes Facebook might stop working. There are many reasons of Facebook not responding depending on the issue. One such common issue Facebook users mostly face is error code 2. Error code 2 mostly occurs when Facebook server is down and as a user people are not able to access their accounts. Since Facebook is supported by all kinds of devices therefore you can follow easy steps to know how to fix Facebook error code 2 on I phone. But before knowing about the solutions one should also know about the reasons of Facebook error.


Steps to fix Facebook error code:

  1. Weak internet services
  2. Server problem from the application
  3. Temporary data issue or cache memory

Once you know about the reasons why your Facebook was not working then you can follow below steps in order to fix your issue.


Steps to fix Facebook error code 2:

  1. There is nothing serious about Facebook error code 2. Hence if you want you can easily fix the issue by simply re setting Facebook. To know more refer to below points.
  2. Click on I phone settings
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘General’ option
  4. Scroll down a bit more and find reset option link
  5. Find reset network setting option link and tap on it
  6. You will see a pop up option and tap on reset option
  7. Now close the link and select reset location settings
  8. Now choose red reset option
  9. Once done you will be able to log in your Facebook account

Therefore you can follow all the below steps to know How do you resolve error 2 code. For any query contact customer support.