Ways to fix no internet err_proxy_connection_failed

We all are so dependent on the internet that one can’t even think of surviving without the internet connection. However, sometimes the internet stops working because of the technical bugs or error codes. There are several error codes in the network settings of the devices because of which connection gets interrupted.


Proxy error failure 


Proxy error is one of the biggest reasons why the internet connection of any device collapses. A proxy server is a source with which a home network or IP address of any network which helps to unblock the sites that are locked on the web. Proxy settings of any device may not directly connect to the internet but they create a connection with several servers.


Tips to fix the err_proxy_connection_failed Issue


If you are juggling with the issue of err_proxy_connection_failed then you can follow the below-given tips to fix the issue.


Check the proxy settings 


1.Go to the windows key tab and open the control panel.


2.Pick the internet and network options and click on internet options.


3.Now click on the connection tab and then pick LAN settings and see if the proxy server is unchecked.


Disable the proxy on a temporary basis


1.If you are trying to solve the issue of Proxy error, then you can disable the proxy settings for time being.


2.To remove the Proxy settings, first of all, press the Windows key plus R and then press the enter tab.


 3.Before going ahead for any command, it’s better to create a backup. For this select the options of the File tab and then export.


4.Now navigate to the keys such as software, Microsoft, windows followed by the internet settings path.


5.Delete the unnecessary items and then at last reboot the device and you will be done.


Reset the TCP/IP 


1.If you want to reset the TCP settings then tap on the windows key and then select the command prompt.


2.And after this, copy and paste the commands directed and press enter after every command. Once you are done, type exit and press the enter button to close the command prompt option.


3.And once done, reboot the windows device


Reset the internet settings 


You can also refresh your internet settings to fix the Proxy connection of the internet. For doing so, you have to go to the internet settings and then go to the advanced tab and click on the reset button while the command is being executed.


Renew IP address 


1.You can renew the IP settings of the device by going to the windows key and pressing the command prompt option.


2.After this, run the commands of release, flush, and renew. Now type the exit button and then close the command prompt.


And hence with this, you can easily fix the error of no internet err_proxy_connection_failed.  In case despite using the following troubleshooting methods, if you are still not able to resolve the issue then you can contact the customer care team of your service provider. The support team is available all the time to hear out the grievances of the users.