How to Fix Download Issues in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one the most popular browser used by the people for internet surfing nowadays. It was developed by Google and launched on 2nd September 2008. Google Chrome works efficiently with any operating systems in computers and mobile phones.

However in case of Chrome too like any other applications users face some problems and complaint about the issues such as Google chrome keeps crashing when i try to download, Google search engine not working etc.

As we all know that Google is the best internet products and service provider and Google also provides various solutions for any problem related to Google services users may face. But here we are more concerned about Google Chrome downloading problem. 


How to prevent Chrome from crashing when downloading files:

  • First of all the simplest thing you must do is check your internet settings and make sure that your internet is working properly. Try to download again once internet connection is checked.
  • Clear browsing data with the help of steps given below:
    • Go to chrome settings and choose advanced
    • Go to clear browsing data
    • Select the data files boxes that you want to clear
    • Choose time range
    • Tap clear data

           Retry to download the file in your Chrome hopefully it will work.

  • Force close Chrome as explained:
    • Open task manager with the help of pressing ctrl, alt and delete key together
    • From task manager select Chrome and press end task

             Open fresh chrome page and try to download files.

  • Download latest version of Google Chrome available or reinstall Chrome in your device:
    •  Go to the help from menu and select about Google Chrome to check if any latest update available. If available then download the latest version.
  • Second thing you can do is uninstall Google Chrome from your device and then download again to install fresh Google Chrome in your system.


If still you are facing download error in your Chrome after applying various methods or you Google chrome not working. You can contact Google browser support team and get help.