Delta Airlines Baggage policy, Refund Policy, Cancelation Policy, Premium Economy has every package that one needs on an Airline

Delta Airlines is a major US based airlines headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that commenced its operations in 1929 and has kept pace with the changing technology.Delta Airlines serves in 54 countries in Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa. Delta Airlines has various policies like baggage policy, pet policy etc.

Delta Airlines baggage policy

Following is a brief description about Delta Airlines baggage policy:

  • Delta Airlines has different baggage policies for different classes and policies depend upon various factors like what class you are flying into.
  • Delta Airlines baggage policy which is meant for regular basic fares is as :

> A traveler can have carry on baggage free of cost.

> A traveler can carry one personal item fee free.

> For overweight and oversized bag, the applicable fee per bag depends upon weight

  and size categories.

> If a traveler carries sports equipment, then, there could be charges applied based

  Upon certain items.

  • Under the baggage policy, there are certain carry -on baggage policies which allow one carry -on bag and one personal item which includes purse, briefcase, laptop bag per passenger without any fee.
  • Carry -on baggage must be within following dimensions and specifications:

> Dimension includes 45 linear inches or (22x14x9 in) or 115 centimeters that

  includes handles and wheels.

> Carry on baggage must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat that lies in front of

  a traveler.

> If a traveler carries personal item, then, it should fit under the seat that lies in front of the traveler.

> If you are carrying any assistive device which might be wheelchairs, strollers, walkers, crutches or child restraint seat, an umbrella, jacket, diaper bag or duty free items. These items have not been categorized as duty free items.

  • Another category of Delta Airlines baggage policy includes checked baggage or hold luggage policy:

>One can carry upto 10 bags maximum with 2 bags standard.

> Maximum dimensions of checked bag which includes length, width and height of

  Bag is 62 inches or 157 cm.

> Maximum weight of each bag is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

This is a general overview of baggage policy, if you need any kind of assistance you can contact the customer service of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines premium economy

Delta Airlines has following classes to fly from:

  • Basic Economy
  • Premium Economy
  • Delta Comfort +
  • First Class

You can get booking into any of the given class. You can get your booking done in Delta Airlines using following procedure:

  • Go to website of Delta Airlines.
  • On Delta Airlines website, you need to click on the Book option.
  • Enter whether you need to take round trip, one way or multi city and then,

number of passengers, class and other informations as well.

  • Search for the flight.
  • Enter further information.

Book your tickets. If you need expert assistance, you can contact the customer service. Needed assistance to get your booking done in Delta Airlines premium economy and need to know about the features of premium economy, have a glimpse on following services:

  • Chairs have excellent designs like you can recline, easily relax and every seat has back screen so that you can entertain yourself and can enjoy complimentary Delta studio.
  • On Delta Airlines class, you can enjoy exquisite meals and can select from menu that is inspired from around the globe.
  • One can select from amazing wines, premium spirits and craft beers.

Delta Airlines cancellation policy

However, if due to some reason, you need to cancel a flight, then, you must give a glance upon Delta Airlines cancellation policy:

  • If time lapse after the ticket purchase is less than 24 hrs, then, your flight is cancelled without penalty if you have booked directly from Delta website.
  • If you had bought non refundable ticket, a cancellation fee is deducted from the original cost of the flight. If there is any remaining value, then, it is provided as an e credit that can be used for purchasing another ticket.

Delta Airlines refund policy

Once you have applied for cancellation, you can go through Delta Airlines refund policy:

  • All refund requests have been subject to the rules of the fare written on your ticket and fees or penalties that might have been applied to the refund.
  • Itinerary is cancelled during the processing of the refund.
  • Modes of payment once you have applied for refund:

>If you have applied for refund, then, you need to wait for at least seven business days so that refund is shown on the online statement or you can wait for two billing cycles so that it could be displayed on printed statements.

> If you have paid for tickets by check or by cash, then, refund is progressed to the person named as the passenger on the ticket. It may take upto 20 business days to Delta’s initial receipt of the refund request.

> International refunds might take longer duration which is subject to local banking


> You can also check for the refund status online or if you have any query regarding

   amount refunded, you can call the customer service at given customer service number of Delta Airlines.

> Also, you can refund the ticket at Delta offices.

For more information on cancellation or refund policy, you can contact the customer service of Delta Airlines. The customer service of Delta Airlines is available round the clock. You can call up the customer service anytime and get to know about various services of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines phone number

The easiest and most convenient mode to contact the customer service of Delta Airlines is through Delta Airlines phone number. Delta Airlines works diligently to provide excellent service to its customers. You can call up the customer service whenever needed and ask for the assistance. After cancellation, you can also rebook your flight and if you need to change something on ticket or need to add some itinerary onto your ticket like adding number of travelers, or upgrading your ticket, you can contact the customer service of Delta Airlines.