How to fix Chromecast Not Connecting to Wifi?

Chromecast is the smart streaming voice device which is a product of Google. This device performs the functions depending upon the voice stored and can be used to stream all the programmes when connected to the TV. The device is only required to connect to wifi and you are all set to use this device. 

With all these new devices being introduced in the digital world, it has made people’s work a lot easier. So, why not people get dependent on technology when all the devices are being introduced in the market. Now, the question is everything is not silver and gold. People can still face issues while using Chromecast. And one of the common issues is it being not connected to wifi. And if you are also such a user suffering the same issue then you can relax and find out the reasons behind it and then follow the resolutions. 


Reasons For Chromecast Not Connecting to Wifi! 

  1. The first and most obvious reason that comes is an improper internet connection. 
  2. Another reason can be wifi not connected properly with the device.
  3. Changing of wifi password can also be one reason that can cause the problem. 
  4. Check if the router is working properly or not. 

And there can be many other reasons for Chromecast not connecting to wifi. And the solutions are discussed below. 


List of Ways to Fix Chromecast Issue! 

  1. Check if the internet is working or not. If not working properly then you can contact the service provider. 
  2. Also, check if wifi is connected properly with the internet. If not then turn off and restart your router to refresh its settings.
  3. Do not forget to check if someone changed your wifi password without your knowledge. Check the password from your admin section. 
  4. Another way is to get confirmed if your router is working or not. And for that, you can remove the cable and check its quality and then check if the light is blinking on your router. 

If after following and trying all the above tactics your issue remains the same then you are free to reach Chromecast customer service anytime.