How to fix Bellsouth Email Not Working?

Bellsouth Corporation is the American telecommunications company that is used to provide telephone services, internet services and broadband services to the residents of America. Bellsouth is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is the supplementary company to AT&T group of communications. With the introduction of this company, it became a known service in short span of time. This company is known for its praiseworthy services and believes in customer satisfaction.


Bellsouth Email Not Working


Besides all these internet and broadband services, Bellsouth corporation has also launched a free email service named as Bellsouth email. Ever since it has been launched for the people, it has many basic and outstanding functions for the convenience of the customers. Some of the benefits and functions of this email are being mentioned below.

  1. The Bellsouth email instantly opens the function that is commanded to it.
  2. The inbox storage capacity of this email is enough for the user to store messages along with the attached file, images and videos.
  3. Bellsouth email has the friendly and easy to understand user interface due to which this email is preferred by a maximum number of people.
  4. Besides, Bellsouth email has very high security and recovery options which enables to protect your email data and other details.

With the advancement of technology, since every application is getting and updated to the new version with new functions, Bellsouth email is not left behind. One can even install the Bellsouth email application on their device. If you have already installed the email application on your iPhone and found Bellsouth email not working on iPhone then there could be some issues that will be discussed further.


How To Access A BellSouth Account


Just like any other application, you can face some issues with Bellsouth email as well. If you are wondering why is my Bellsouth email not working then here are the reasons for your knowledge.

  1. First and foremost, check the internet connection whether you are getting proper network or not.  
  2. Bellsouth email can face an issue if your inbox is full. In case you have crossed the storage limit of email then email might start working slow.
  3. Bellsouth email also shows issues in logging into the account.
  4. Unable to recover the password.
  5. Unable to send and receive text messages. Customer Service Number


If you are facing the issue with your Bellsouth email and do not know how to fix this then you can try the following tips.

  1. Firstly, check your internet connections. In case, your internet connection is not working properly then you can contact the service provider.
  2. You can clear the messages from inbox and outbox and clear the space of Email inbox.
  3. You can contact Bellsouth Email Technical Support for any password related assistance.
  4. You can add the recovery account and phone number to make your inbox secure and also easy to recover data if lost.
  5. You can save the alternate email to forward the messages and save it and hence clearing the inbox history.
  6. Check the incoming and outgoing server from the account settings option.


Need Help? Contact Support Number for help

In case you want any further clarifications or information then you can contact Bellsouth customer service. The Bellsouth helpline and assistance is available 24/7 so that you can contact any time of the day. The skilled and experienced customer representatives will be delighted to help you and will solve your query in a short span of time.