A Guide To Fixing The Issue Of Bell.net Not Receiving Emails

We have seen many cases when the users start complaining about the problem when they stop receiving the emails in their Bell email. The users can get totally frustrated with this. Though Bell provides incredible services to the users, but sometimes they stop receiving the emails, and they complain about that.

The bell.net not receiving emails is a common issue that many users can face, and so, there are so many troubleshooting steps that the users can opt for. There can be loopholes that the users might miss, so that can also be eradicated hand in hand. Let us see the help that we can get from the following steps.

Troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue of Bell.net Not Receiving Emails

Safe-senders list:

We recommend the users to add their important contacts in the safe senders lists so that they are receiving the emails without any issue.

Ensure that you have not marked the email address of the sender as spam:

If the sender email is marked as spam, then you will not receive the email from the users.

Try to open the email in some other browser:

If you are facing the issue of receiving the emails in their Bell email, then you can try to open this in a different browser and check if you are still facing the issue. If the email is properly receiving the email, then the problem in the browser and not in the Bell email.

Bell email can be down:

There are cases when the servers of Bell email are down, and this can really hamper your work. You will not be able to receive the emails in this case. You can check for the reason for this by going on a down detector in the browser and by entering the word bell email. You can now press return, and then you can check if the outage is here. If the outage is there, then you will have to wait for the servers to work properly.

Turn off email forwarding:

If your bell.net is not receiving emails and is also not working properly, then the probability is that you might be receiving your emails on some other account. So, you need to check your email forwarding settings, whether it is on or off. You need to turn it off. You can do this by selecting the settings and then forwarding. The last step is to tap on the disabled forwarding option, and then you can turn it off and click on the Save changes tab.

Delete the filter of your email:

If you are still not getting the emails, then you can check if the filter is applied to your email account or not. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Go in the section of the settings button and check for the filters as well as the blocked address. This will open the filter tab.

  • You can select all the filters that are listed on the tab, and the last step is to press the delete button so that you can delete the filters that you have applied.

These are the steps that you can take if your bell.net is not receiving the emails. You can take the help of the customer support technicians if you are still facing the issue in your Bell email. They will provide you with the best assistance.