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Bell Canada is a telecommunication company which offers different products and services in the field of telecommunication helping users to get the benefits of different services. It has range of different products in the field of mobile, TV, internet and other business solution for customers. It is one of the leading companies in the mobile communications sector and also provides good service in the field of direct to home satellite TV service. Bell also provides business solutions to its clients depending upon the level of business including small, medium and large business as well as wholesale business. If you have any issues in Bell Canada you can contact to Bell Canada tech support phone number, who are available 24/7 so don’t miss the time and pick up the and dial Bell Canada support phone number.

How to access Bell Canada?

It is easy to access the different services of Bell Canada for which users need to go through some simple steps.

Setup Bell home phone voicemail:

Users can easily setup the voicemail for which they need to go through some simple steps as under

Step 1:- Dial *98 from home and enter your mailbox number.

Step 2:- Enter your phone number when prompted, this would be your 7 digit phone number.

Step 3:- Change the password by going through some steps.

Step 4:- Record your name and number in the option of personal information.

Step 5:- Record a greeting that caller will listen when they call you.

Step 6:- Press * key to exit and now your online voice mail service would be activated.

While creating the password avoid making it simple to be guessed by others. It is also advised to change the password regularly in order to make it more secured. Voice mail also provides the option to users to turn OFF and ON their voice messages as per their requirements. It will automatically take messages when the line is busy for which users need to dial *90 to turn it ON and dial *91 to turn it OFF. It will automatically take message when you don’t answer for which users need to dial *92 to turn it ON and *93 to turn it OFF. All such features of Bell are easy to use and they make the work of users go easy and fast related to the calling services. Otherwise you have the strongest weapon to contact on Bell Canada technical support number for immediate support.

How to access Bell Canada voicemail ?

If you wish to access your voicemail that is associated with Bell Canada, your access is categorised into two categories:

1. Access your voicemail via the mobile phone

If you wish to access your voicemail from your mobile phone, the process is extremely simple.

Step 1:- Simple press and continue to hold the numerical key 1 on your dial pad.

Step 2:- Next enter the password if you have set up any password.

Step 3:- The charges will be applicable depending upon the region you are calling from.

If your call is originating from a local calling area, the only charges that you will incur are airtime. But if your call originates from outside your local call area, not only will you incur airtime charges but you shall also be charged for long distance calling. If you are calling out of the Bell Network, you shall incur only roaming charges. 

2. Accessing your voicemail from your landline or any other phone

If you wish to access your voicemail from your mobile phone, the process is even simpler than accessing it using your mobile phone.

Step 1:- To access your voicemail, first of all dial your 10-digit mobile number.

Step 2:- When the greeting starts to play, Press # on your keypad of the landline to interrupt.

Step 3:- After interrupting it, enter your password to access your voicemail and you will be able to access all your messages left to you in the form of voicemail.

However if you have any problems in accessing your voicemail account from either of your device or you simply wish to clarify some aspect of the voicemail feature that you were not able to understand, please get in touch with Bell Canada tech support to resolve your issues at the earliest.

How to reset password in Bell Canada?

All the access to the services of Bell is done through a user account which is password protected. It sometimes happens that users forget the password of their account due to which it becomes difficult for the users to get access of their account.

In order to reset the password of their account, users need to go through the given steps:

Step 1:- Go to the website of Bell.

Step 2:- Login to your account.

Step 3:- Enter your user name and password.

Step 4:- Select the option of login.

Step 5:- Scroll to internet services and select view details option.

Step 6:- Click on the option of My package and features.

Step 7:- Scroll to the email section and select change option.

Step 8:- Select the change email password option and then enter your new password.

While entering the new password, users should try to make it strong and difficult for the others to easily remember it. When users find difficulty to remember the password they can reset the same by following the given steps but if they find difficulty in doing so, then they can also contact the Bell Canada password recover phone number or technical support team of Bell were they will get the best solution to recover their account.

Bell Canada Not Working- Read further to fix the issue

Sign in to Bell Canada Email account to share relevant information:

Bell Canada email account is one of the most commonly used email account that allows the users to share relevant data and information.

Obtain best assistance to fix the issue of Bell Canada Not working:

The best ways to solve the issue of Bell Canada Email account have been presented here. The users may apply these and thus help themselves. The users may contact Bell Canada Support so that they can speak to the well qualified technical experts to fix the issues.

  • The users need to verify that there is some issue with the mail server and not with the internet connection by signing in to some other websites.
  • The user needs to check that the email address is configured and set up correctly. The settings are appropriate.
  • The users may login to in order to make sure that they are using a proper email address and password.
  • By sending an email to the user itself can help in knowing that the existing issue is due to the email or due to the configuration of the e-mail client.
  • It might happen that the receiver is having some technical glitches and difficulties on their end, such as a full mailbox.
  • The users need to make sure to verify the integrity of the e-mail address of the individual to whom the email is being send.
  • The users may also reboot their computer and try to send/receive email again in order to fix the issue.

By implementing all the steps listed above, the users can fix the issue of Bell Canada email account not working.

Bell Canada customer service assistance for you 24/7

The Bell Canada doesn’t only provides the different services to users but it also provides good support to them for different issues they face while working on it. There could be different issues which users might face with the Bell Canada among which it could be that the Bell is down, it becomes irresponsive, unable to recover password, and security related issues and more issues which might cause trouble in the working of users. For providing solution to all such issues, the experts would be available for the users. Users can get connected to the experts either by going to the support page of Bell or by calling its experts by dialing Bell Canada customer support phone number.