How to Contact Windows technical support

Window or microsoft Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It consist of numerous family of operating system. It provide the graphical user system. It is a software program that provide the users interaction with the computer. You need to update your windows when a new version is released in the market. You can completely reinstall your old version and install the latest version or you can upgrade your Window. In this Article we are explaining both ways which improve the performance of your device.

How to install Windows & uninstall?

When you want to install or reinstall windows on your computer then clean install is a right way. During the clean install process all the data on your hard drive partition is erased. A clean install process is accomplished during Windows setup process. It remove the existing window installed on your device before installing a new operating system. To begin this process you will need to boot from the window CD.

Follow the below mentioned steps:

Step1: Watch a message read as press any key to boot from CD.

Step2: Now you have to press a key to force the computer to boot from CD.

Step3: After this press F6 key to install the third party driver.

Step4: To setup Windows XP you need to press Enter tab.

Step5: Accept the Windows XP Licensing agreement after reading it.

Step6: To install a fresh copy of Windows XP on your computer press ESC and delete the existing partition.

Step7: Now confirm Knowledge of the system partition and partition deletion request.

Step8: After this create a partition then choose a partition size.

Step9: You have to select a partition to install Windows XP On.

Step10: Select a file system to format the partition and wait for the new partition to format.

Step11: Now wait till the installation files copy and installation begin.

Step12: Select regional language and provide the required information.

Step13: Set the date and time and select network settings and enter a domain name.

After completion of these steps you have to wait until the installation is finalized. In the next section we are explaining a process to upgrade your window without completely uninstall your current version. In the next section you will find an answer for question like How to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Window 10 to the latest version. Upgradation of window is a simpler process and save your time. By upgrading your window you can escape to install your backup again and again.

How to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version?

If you don't want to  clean install your window then you can upgrade your window. You need to keep your application upgrading to keep your applications, files and folders in place. Upgrading is much easier and faster than installing a new software. If you want to upgrade your window to 10 version then you need an activated copy of window, Windows 10 update tool. Here we are using window 10 update Assistant tool.

To upgrade your window you need to go through below mentioned steps:

Step1: Login into Window 10 with an administrator account and go to the Microsoft Software download site.

Step2: To download the Windows 10 Update assistant tool click on update now button.

Step3: Save this file to your desktop and run it then If prompted by user account control then click on Yes tab.

Step4: If you find a newer version of window 10 available then click on the update now button.

Step5: Windows 10 update assistant tool will check the compatibility of your device with newer version.

Step6: Click on the next tab if your computer is compatible.

Step7: Now the tool will start downloading, verifying and updating to the latest version of windows.

Step8: After this click on the restart button when your update is ready.

Step9: To complete the update process your device will restart.

Step10: Once the update has finished if your account is displayed click on next tab and turn on or off privacy settings then click on Accept.

Step11: After setup has finished click on exit tab.

If you are falling to complete this process then you can contact to Windows Technical Support team to get support. They provide support through phone, email, online chat, live support and many more. You can contact to this any time. The technicians are very dedicated and always ready to provide you a reliable support. You may contact to this team to get the solution for all the Window related issues.

Get Immediate help through Microsoft Windows support Phone Number team

Some common issues which are resolved by Microsoft technician are as follows:

  • Configuration and Installation issue.

  • Windows 10 suddenly stopped working.

  • Internal server error.

  • Unable to update any software or programs.

  • Microsoft windows is unable to support on your laptop.

If you have any issues of windows than contact Windows customer service helpline toll free number and get instant solution by windows expert. Expert are available 24/7 so, don't waste your time and pick up the phone or mobile and dial Windows tech support team.  

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