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Gmail : The world leading email service provider

Today email today play a crucial role in our modern communication system. One used mail for many purposes like sending greeting or queries or personal message to their loved ones or Millions of people send billions of email across the world on daily basis .That's the reason we have seen such a large rise of various email service providing company in the world. One such email service providing company is gmail.

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Gmail is one of the major email services providing company in the world which serves its billion of its customer. It is one of the topmost mail service providing company in the world which provides many additional features and services as well as advanced security features like chat, docs, sheets and so on . But common user does face certain issue one of them is regarding how to create gmail account.

How to create gmail account?

One can take the help of their technical support or follow some of these common procedure to create an account on gmail :

Step1: First of all, go to the gmail website .

Step2: Click on the create account button .

Step3: Then sign up form will appear and enter all the information.

Step4: Your Name, Your date of birth, and the user Id you want .

Step5: Write down the password and rewrite to confirm the password .

Step6: Review Google term of service and privacy policy and click on the check box.

Step7: Then click on Next step.

Step8: Google provide an opportunity to set up recovery option then in case if you forget your password. One need to write down the recovery email address as well as phone number to recover your account.

Step9: After writing down the recovery option, click on the done button.

I sure! your account is created if not then contect Gmail Toll Free Number or Gmail Helpline Number and get solution.

How to recover Gmail Password?

Occasionally user do faces problem like in form pshing attack and or someone try to changed their password.

In order to know How to recover Gmail Password, one has to follow these procedure :

Step1: First of all go to the Google Account recovery page .

Step2: Then enter your email address and click on the continue button .

Step3: Click on the I don’t know the option button .

Step4: Then further click on the I don’t know the option button on password and choose on the verify your identity option .

Step5: Answer all the question and if the option is correct, your account will be recovered.

If not recover your password then you can contact Gmail Password Reset Number.

How to upload a profile pic on the gmail account?

Sometimes the new user do faces problem regarding how to upload a profile pic on the gmail account .

one need to just follow these simple steps :

Step1: First of all, open your gmail account and click on the top right.

Step2: Then click on the setting page and in the picture section.

Step3: Click on change Picture and select or upload a image.

Step4: Crop the photo according to your wish .

Step5: Click on the Apply changes button .

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How to Set Up Gmail on an iPhone?

Gmail not only support the medium only on web based platform but it also has a large chunk of user base coming from mobile platform like android and Ios or Java.

If you are a new apple user then You must need to know How to Set Up Gmail on an iPhone :

Step1: First of all, open your Iphone and click on settings tab.

Step2: Then clicks on Mail tab and further click on Accounts.

Step3: Then click on Add account button and Choose the gmail from the list of email provider .

Step4: Type your gmail email address and then type the password button .

Step5: Press the next button at the top of screen .

Step6: Then the server will take few minutes in order to synchronize the account and your account will be opened.

Today mostly users can use iphone but sometimes users can face technical problem then dial Gmail technical support phone number

Solve the Associated Bugs By Using Gmail Customer Service

Gmail has solved several technical difficulties because it is highly featured.People are using it to solve their daily communication associated tasks. It is compatible with different device and from anywhere.It is really good to use but there is need to take care about security of the account.Sometimes people are not able to find an effective way to protect their account,that increase the chances of getting major threats.To get help in such circumstances,there is need to reach Gmail customer support team.They are really helpful and can be reached anytime as per the requirement.

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Sometimes user do faces these technical difficulties then in that case . one can directly contact gmail toll free number by following these procedures by going to the google website and click on contact and then on Gmail customer support . Their Gmail tech support team which work 24*7 is well versed and trained team with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance and can resolve user wide range of problems in immediate time .

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